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Friday, April 4, 2014

Adventures in Reading: Tide and Tempest Review

I have always enjoyed a good mystery. Many of our favorite TV shows are the mystery/crime solving shows like Castle, Bones, and NCIS:LA. So when read the description of Tide and Tempest by Elizabeth Ludwid on the Bethany House book request page, I thought that this story would be a story that I would enjoy. 

Book 3 in the Edge of Freedom series, Tide and Tempest follows the forever connected lives of Tillie McGrath and Captain Keondric Morgan. Turn of the century New York, 2 years after Tillie was a passenger on Capt. Morgan's ship on her journey from Ireland to America. (A journey that was told in the previous books in the Edge of Freedom) Tillie has made a life for herself in American, but Capt. Morgan has discovered some information that will turn her world upside down. Taking it upon himself to protect Tillie and find out the truth, Capt. Morgan and his brother Cass become involved in dangerous string of events that were put into motion before Tillie ever came to America. Not knowing who to trust, Tillie and Capt. Morgan search for the truth about who killed Tillie's fieance 2 years ago, and who is now trying to kill them. And why. 

I have had a rule about books I read for a long time. If I'm not enjoying a book, I always read to page 100. Always. To keep this review 100% honest, I had to apply this rule to myself as I was reading Tide and Tempest. Having not read either of the previous books in the series, I struggled to understand the characters. Very little back ground information was given about anyone. By page 50 or so, I felt like I had just opened a book from the middle and started reading. Feeling lost, I kept to my rule, and by page 100, while I was still confused at times, the plot of the mystery had me hooked. The Ludwig's storytelling kept my attention, and contained many twists and turns I did not expect. While I very much enjoyed the book, and was very satisfied with the ending, I believe I would have enjoyed it much more having read the other books in the series first. 

As a stand alone novel, I don't think I would recommend Tide and Tempest. However, I very much enjoyed Ludwig's writing and story telling, and would recommend the series as a whole if you start with the first book. 

I received this book for free from Bethany House, and the opinions in this review are my own true and honest opinion. 

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  1. Sounds like if starting with the first book, it may be a fun read. I'm always looking for recommendations :)