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Friday, March 21, 2014

Adventures in the Basement: Hooray for a 2nd toilet!

We've checked a few things off of our basement "to do" list this week!
We picked a color for the bathroom...

There were 5 different colors that I got sample of, and we decided that #1 would be the best. 
It's called Silver Birch. The color is a Gideon color, but I did a color match and tried the new Behr Marquee paint, and it covered quite well!

There are still a few little areas that needed some touch up on the drywall mud (like above the window) so we didn't paint them, but the majority of the walls are painted. The main reason why we wanted to get the pain up is....

so that Daniel could put in the toilet! 
I honestly never thought I would be so excited for a toilet!!

In case anyone is thinking about replacing their toilet, this one is a Gerber Viper toilet. Gerber is the brand, Viper is the model. As a professional plumber, Daniel deals with toilets on a daily basis, and he personally thinks this one is the best for the money. It's not as inexpensive as some models that you can get at HomeDepot, but Gerber is a quality brand, and worth paying a little extra for. We have the same one in our upstairs bathroom and for almost 5 years we have never had a problem (clogging or otherwise) with it. 
The supply line to the left of the toilet is just temporary until he gets one the right length, so it wont always look all crazy like that...

OK, enough about toilets!! 

The vanity is built and just needs a little paint, some handles, and a sink top. 

This room has come a long way in the past 2 years and is starting to look like a real bathroom!!
Here is a few pictures of the 'evolution of the bathroom'...
The window above that orange electrical cord roll in the top picture is the same window that is above the toilet, just for perspective.
Just a few more things on the list: paint ceiling, baseboard trim, finish vanity, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

And I need to pick a mirror/medicine cabinet for above the sink.

But today, I'm very excited to have a 2nd toilet in the house!!

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  1. It is looking good. I know you are excited to be near finished.

    Charlotte Moore