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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adventures in Vacation: Cruising the Caribbean

Hello Friends! 
Just a quick post today to say 2 things...

1 ~ We are back safe and sound from a wonderful, beautiful, relaxing, warm, vacation. 
Daniel and I on Antiga

We went on a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean with my parents. 
Mom and Dad on St. Thomas

It was their first cruise, and we loved getting to introduce them to life on the ship. 

We visited 6 islands in 10 days. 

I think my favorite place was the orchid garden my Mom and I toured on Barbados. 

(I may just have to do a post just with orchid pictures...I may have taken close to 100 pictures of these beauties!) 

No, wait I take that back. We LOVED exploring Brimstone Hill Fortress on St. Kitts.

 Lots of times when you visit a historical site everything is roped off, and you can only go certain places...well not here. 

There were no ropes, no guard rails, nothing. You could explore and climb as much as you wanted. So fun! (I think I will have to do a whole post about Brimstone Hill Fortress, it was just SO interesting!)  

2 ~ I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the wonderful ladies who filled in for me the past 2 weeks, and shared their Christmas traditions. Weren't they so fun to read about?! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Now, I'm off to play catch up on all of my Christmas decorating, present purchasing and laundry. Lots of laundry! 


  1. YIPEEE!!! Welcome back!!!!!! It looks beautiful... & I'm totally jealous!

  2. It sounds like so much fun! I love cruises. :-)

  3. I'd love to go to St. Kitts & Barbados some day -- looks beautiful!

  4. Hello, stranger! Glad you are home safe and sound and had a wonderful trip. Those orchids are beautiful!

  5. Oh, cruising is the BEST! Beautiful pics. Christmas blessings!!

  6. It looks amazing! I am so glad you enjoyed it!