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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Adventures in Traditions ~ Rebecca's 10 Traditions

Today's tradition 
(actually we have a list of 10 traditions today!) 
is brought to you by Rebecca at Knit By God's Hand
In her own words, Rebecca has been blogging since before blogging was cool. She was one of the first followers of Adventures of D and V and she is such an encouragement in so many ways. She loves photography, Steven Curtis Chapman, her puppies, her hubby, running, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast! 

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First, let me say that I'm honored to be joining up with Veronica to talk about my Christmas traditions.  Christmas is so full of excitements & joy.... & traditions are always everywhere.

You see the PJ's on Christmas Eve, & all the Sneaky Santa stuff, or the big one that I love to see all the pictures, that creepy little fellow, the Elf on the Shelf.  That seems like so much work to pull off every night, but thank goodness for Pinterest - right?

Well, today, our traditions may be a little different, because there are no Elf on the Shelves in our home.  Why?  Because we don't have little ones running around.  My husband & I have been together for 21 years but never were able to have children.  I do have step children but they are all grown up & on the holidays, they usually spent Christmas at their mother's & we would get them after Christmas.

So yeah, different traditions... but I think its good to hear other traditions just to let others know you're not alone.  If you don't have children of your own, or if you are single, or if you are married with 20 kids (Hello Mrs. Duggar) everyone has their own tradition...  Nothing with being different - right?

Tradition #1 - Timing of the tree & decorations

For us, our traditions start right at Thanksgiving.  The tree MUST go up no later then BlackFriday.  I mean, we have gifts to start wrapping & they need a place to go.

Tradition #2 - Don't touch the tree or decorations


To add to that tradition, my husband is NOT allowed to do anything except carry all the boxes up the steps & set up the tree.  Traditions sometimes come with strict rules & if those rules get crossed, it ain't pretty. :)

Tradition #3 - A special shopping day


December fills up quick for us with Christmas parties & events so we have a tradition of trying to take a Monday or a Friday off work so we can enjoy a day to ourselves.  To try & get some shopping done, to try & let some of the hustle & bustle slow down.  Nothing better then shopping on a work day... at least before the kids get out for Christmas break.

Tradition #4 - Cookies are a MUST

I'm not a big cook.  I try, but usually don't have a lot of time to cook big dinners.  But I do love to bake & time usually doesn't allow for that either.  But sometime in the few days before Christmas, I'll make cookies.  I love taking cookies to the youth group where my husband & I teach.  Kids always will make you a favorite if you feed them cookies.  Any leftovers can go to work with my husband... but let's just stop & laugh at that... leftover cookies.  Do they exist?

Tradition #5 - Early Family Get together

This is similar to our family get togethers & trying to get a picture

Its always so hard to get all the family stuff in one day on Christmas Day when there are so many family members & brothers & sisters that have families & in laws they need to get to .... so my husband's sister took it in her hands & said, OK, every Sunday before Christmas, that's when we'll celebrate together. It works out so well.  Like this year, its December 22.  Right dab next to Christmas.  We get together, have dinner, enjoy each other... & having it a little bit before Christmas, its just nice to celebrate early.  Its probably my favorite tradition that happens.

Tradition #6 - Christmas Eve service

Our church has service at 11:00pm on Christmas Eve. We are pretty lucky in the fact that our church is just 2 miles down the road from us.  I'll be honest, if we had kids that needed to be in bed, or if we lived 20 miles from the church & that meant driving home after midnight, that would be a hard tradition to keep up.  There is something special about sitting in a little church with candle lights glowing & singing "Silent Night"

Tradition #7 - A Christmas Story Marathon

We watch it from the time it comes on & leave the TV on that show all night & all day on Christmas.  I will literally wake up every time during the same part all night long.

Tradition #8 - Breakfast & Gift wrapping

Ricky & I usually try to sleep in.  No kids in the house means no early Santa wake up urgency so we rest. A day off work - ahh - let's sleep in.  But once I get up I usually head into the kitchen for breakfast.  We don't normally do big breakfast's at our house, but on Christmas, we get it all.  Omelets with mushrooms & spinach, biscuits, pancakes.  Yummy tummy on Christmas morning.  And while I'm doing this, Ricky is always in the basement wrapping up my gifts.  I don't know why he waits, but it is ALWAYS every Christmas morning that he's wrapping things up. I tell him just bring up the gifts in the bags, I don't care.  But he wants me to be able to rip off paper.  Who doesn't love ripping paper on Christmas Morning?

Tradition #9 - FUN!!!


We let our bellies rest a bit after the food fest & then we celebrate Christmas together & with our dogs.  Give them their stockings.  Yes, our dogs get stockings, which usually involve bones that will keep them busy while we open gifts.  We sit in the middle of our floor & have our own little Christmas.  It's always the best part of the year for me.  Just the two of us, laughing like kids at all the funny, goofy, thoughtful gifts.  Then we head over to my parents house & keep the fun going with dinner & more celebrating.

Tradition #10 - Birthday Cake for Jesus!!

We have lots of birthday cakes in December... its my husband's birthday ON Christmas Eve.. .my birthday is 5 days after Christmas, but the one cake that is most important is the one we have for Jesus.  I always wanted my nieces to know why we celebrated Christmas so when they were born, I started that tradition.  We sing Happy Birthday Jesus & end the night with SUGAR!  YEAH!!!!  Just as Jesus would want it ... I'm sure!

Cant wait to see everyone else's traditions.  What you do with your families... the ideas to start more traditions in my house...

Praying everyone has a blessed Holiday!  Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Thanks for sharing Rebecca! Aren't traditions the best! If you would like to share a family tradition, you will get your chance on Friday, December 13th! Come on back here for the Adventures in Tradition Link Party! Tomorrow is a very special post. A friend of mine from before blogging was even invented is sharing her tradition! Cassy from Art in the Attic Studio is a good friend of mine from high school and I am so excited for you to read about her tradition of recording the moments! 


  1. Yipee! This was fun to relieve again... ready to let the holiday rip & roar :)

  2. We often went to church on Christmas eve or Christmas Day, but never had a church with that late of night services! I definitely get more inspired about baking when Christmas is near!