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Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventures in Life: This Or That Link Up

My new blog-land friend Candra has a fairly new link party every week called 
This or That Link Up
Each week on Monday she posts a list, and you have to pick one or the other (fun right!?)
This week's theme is FEARS (eek!)

Heights or deep water: If we are talking the roof of a skyscraper or at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine, I would pick skyscraper every time. I am fine on the top of deep water, but at the bottom. No Way. 

Snakes or Spiders: I am much more afraid of snakes than spiders. Although if I have to kill a spider I always get either a shoe or a huge wad of paper towels so I don't have to feel it squish! 

Losing all your teeth, or losing all your hair: I would rather lose all my hair. I am kind of partial to chewing...and I believe wigs are cheaper than dentures. Right?

No voice or No hearing: No voice. I could deal with not being able to talk, but no hearing would be a huge challenge. 

Eating a bug, or eating intestines: Eeew! Do I have to pick?! Well I guess if I HAVE to, I could eat bugs before I would eat intestines...unless the intestines were cooked and the bugs were alive, then I would pick the intestines. 

So, how about you? You can get the questions, and link up your answers on Candra's blog Camo and Lipstick.

Oh! And have you entered the big giveaway yet? Only a few more days left! Click HERE for the details on how to enter...

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  1. Thanks for linking up girl!! Next weeks questions are about Thanksgiving so they are WAY better!!