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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Adventures in photography: Up Close and Personal

Shutter-Bug Sunday has switched form a monthly event to a weekly event!
So now I have some weekly motivation to work on my photography I just need to fine the time!
This week's theme is
UP Close and Personal 
On Thursday this week I went blueberry picking at Tammen's Treeberry Farm. If you live within a reasonable driving distance from this lovely farm, you MUST go! I really can not say enough good things about it. Very well organized. Everyone working there is so nice and helpful, they even provide you with buckets to pick and drive you right to your picking spot on a tractor pulled trailer...and most importantly the blueberries are literally the BEST I have ever tasted! For real. I think I have eaten like a pound or more of blueberries in the past few days! Grocery store blueberries will never measure up to these plump, sweet, juicy, fresh picked blueberries! 
Here are some of my "up close and personal" shots with the berries I picked...
This one turned out to be my favorite. I love the start shape on the top of the berries...or is that the bottom? Anyway, I love the color of the berry in this up close and personal blueberry picture! 

I've also been messing around a little bit with some different editing methods on Picmonkey...
Do you have a favorite summer crop that you like to go and pick yourself?
I also got 'up close and personal' with the pretzels and chive dip recipe I posted yesterday. You can check out those pictures and yummy recipe


  1. Beautiful! My aunt has some land in Maine and it is just covered in blueberry bushes. It's been a long time since I've been up there. I might have to hunt down a Texan blueberry patch.

  2. I love ALL fresh fruits and most veggies. I love Cherry picking... Thank you for joining us again.

  3. Oh, I do love blueberries and yours in the picture almost look like minature pomegrante. Happy week my dear!

  4. Great pictures!! I'm totally craving blueberries now! xoxo