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Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventures in the Basement: The Lay of the Land

Now that the walls are pretty much finished in the basement, it's a little harder to get pictures of the space. So I thought it would help to see a drawing of the floor plan. To get the lay of the land. And in the future we can refer back to this to get a better perspective on some of the rooms.  

A few things have been altered from when this was drawn (by Daniel ~ he is constantly surprising me with new talents!). The main change is in the office/spare bedroom. The closet got moved from the stairway side (or right side when you are looking at the picture above) of the room to the other side (left side) and now shares a wall with the bathroom, and a linen closet that opens into the family room was added there as well. 

Our goal is to have the drywall 100% up by the end of the week so we can get started on the mudding! Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments ~ they really help keep us motivated!!  


  1. This is awesome news! I have enjoyed following your progress!

  2. You are going to have a beautiful space! Keep plugging away and you will soon be done. I can't imagine doing all that work yourselves. You deserve a blue ribbon!