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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adventures in Fashion: I Got Bangs!!

So, yesterday I got my hair cut and like the title of the post says, I got some bangs...
( This is my "excited about my bangs" face) 

Yep, I've been thinking about it for a while, and yesterday decided to just go for it. I haven't had bangs since I was in Kindergarden...and so far I am really liking them! But now I have to learn how to make them look this good on my own. I wish I could get it blow dried and styled at the salon every day! Does anyone else have that problem? Your hair cut looks so much better after the stylist cuts it than it does the next day when you try to style it yourself??

Any tips about bangs for me? 



    I honestly don't know what they do there... one of my best friends is a hair stylist & she tries to walk me through step by step what she does... it still doesn't matter. I swear they are witches with magical powers. (Witches can be good... ask Glinda)

  2. I had bangs like a decade ago and they bugged me so no more for me but I think you ROCK them! :)

  3. Cute haircut, Veronica ~ I LOVE your new bangs = )

  4. I'm visiting from the link up with Ashley...I love your bangs! I got bangs for the first time since kindergarten too a few months ago and I had such a love/hate relationship with them. I loved them when they cooperated and looked good...hated taking so much time to figure out how to make them do what I wanted! I ended up growing mine back out, haha. You rock the look though!