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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventures in Vacation: 10 Things to do in Myrtle Beach, SC

Over the past few years we have taken 3 vacations to Myrtle Beach, the most recent being our vacation last week. We have family who live in the area, which makes it even more fun to visit this area! I thought I would make a list of some of our favorite places to visit when we are in Myrtle case you ever find yourself there! 

1) The Alabama Theater ~ There are several theaters in Myrtle Beach. On our most recent trip we saw The One show at the Alabama Theater. It was a great, family friendly evening of entertainment. Singing, dancing, comedy, acrobatics...we loved every minute of it! 

2) Tanger Outlets ~ If you are wanting to do a little shopping, I seem to make my way to the outlet mall on every trip to Myrtle Beach with Daniel's Grandmother. We always find some great deals here! 

3) The Boardwalk ~ Myrtle Beach has a BEAUTIFUL boardwalk! We love to walk and take in the sights. 
View of the Myrtle Beach boardwalk

4) Sticky Fingers ~ If you like a good southern rib dinner, the Sticky Fingers is the place to go! Yum! 
5) The Piers ~ On our most recent visit we decided to walk out on one of the long piers along the boardwalk. Now for people who live on the ocean, maybe walking out on a giant pier is no big deal, but it was super fun for me. We even saw a man who was fishing off the pier catch a baby shark (or what we thought looked like a baby shark!)

6) Golf ~ I'm not much of a golfer, but Daniel is, and I am learning! Daniel's grandparents live on a golf course in Myrtle Beach, so we got to play and visited the driving range several times. They are all so patient with me and my lack of golf skills. 

On the golf course in Myrtle Beach 2010

7) Miyabi ~ Another restaurant...can you tell we like to eat while on vacation?! This is a Japanese restaurant, the kind where they cook the food in front of you - like dinner and a show at the same time!

8) Myrtle Beach State Park ~ If the Boardwalk version of the beach is a bit to loud and crowded for you, then head on down a little ways to Myrtle Beach State Park. The beach here is much more quiet! 
Myrtle Beach State Park
9) Brookgreen Gardens ~ This may be my favorite thing I have done in Myrtle Beach. 
      Our visit to Brookgreen Garden 2011

Brookgreen Gardens is a National Historic Landmark with the most significant collection of figurative sculpture in an outdoor setting by American artists in the world and has the only accredited zoo on the coast of the Carolinas. I could spend days here. With every turn of your head, there is a new stunning view!

10) The SkyWheel  ~ This is one thing I have not gotten to do in Myrtle Beach, but it is on my "to do" list for our next visit. Giant Farris Wheel over looking the ocean anyone?! 

Have you even been to Myrtle Beach? What's your favorite MB activity?

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  1. My husband was there last week actually...him and 7 buddies did a golf trip - we are in Canada and they decided to drive, 17 hours was long, so next year they plan to drive to syracuse then fly! They golfed, golfed and golfed so didn't get to do much sightseeing but next year I think the ladies should go!!

  2. I live here, it's weird to see people talking about coming to visit! I always forget that others come here. Huntington Beach State Park is really cool too and I love sticky fingers!