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Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventures in Sewing: Grow With Me Spring Play Dress

Did you vote last week on Round 1 of So You Think You're Crafty? If you did, thank you!
I got enough votes to make it into round 2 which starts today! 

Round 1's theme was "Spring" and I had been wanting to make a dress for my sweet little niece Amber. This was the perfect excuse! (Did you guess the "Grow With Me" Dress was my entry?!) I have to be honest, even though I love this little dress, I loved some of the other entries more - these ladies can craft!!! 

Most little girls I know love to play dress up. However like the weeds in a spring garden, little girls grow out of clothes seemingly overnight! To try to make the most of a new dress-up dress, I wanted to try to make a dress that would "grow" with the growing little girls, and this is what I came up with The "Grow With Me" Spring Play Dress.

This dress can 'grow' in 3 different spots. (1) The straps have 2 sets of snaps so they can be made longer or shorter. (2) The ties on the sides can be tied in the back at whatever length is comfortable around the waist.

And my favorite way this dress can grow is (3) Under each little flower is a snap that when attached holds up the hem of the skirt, and when un-snapped, gives the dress an extra two inches of length. Pretty and Practical!
So, do you know of any little ladies who like to play dress up and grow faster than the spring weeds who could love this dress?

Round 2 starts TODAY and the theme is "Knock-Off"
And I am so excited about my project I could just burst! 
Click HERE to vote in round 2.