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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adventures in the Backyard: When The Creek Gets High

When the creek gets high...that sounds like some kind of motivational metaphor...but not today! We have gotten buckets and buckets of rain in the past 24 hours and the creek in our back yard, which is normally a sweet little rambling mini-river like this:
(Ignoring all the construction in the foreground, there is a creek behind the trees in the back ground.)
Now is a roaring river like this
There is a pine tree in both above pictures on the very far left. And is a good point of reference as to how high the water is. 
Most of this picture is our neighbor's yard. The white poll in the middle is an umbrella that they have on their brick patio. 
The brick wall is the property line between our yards. There is about 2 inches of water over the side walk down there. 

And it is still raining...

We have several more feet to go before we have to worry about the water reaching our house, and we are very thankful for our sump pump (which has been running every 5 minutes all night long!!).
But we are praying that the rain stops soon...


  1. This weather has just been crazy! I am south west of you and we are having a lot of flooding issues as well. Fingers crossed thats the end of the rain. Hope you stay dry!

  2. Lord have mercy girl! It is pouring cats and dogs here right at the moment but I think it is just a quick storm coming through. Hoping it quits raining and hoping your sump pump keeps "doing it's thing."

  3. Yikes! I will stop complaining about our snow. Praying for you guys and that it doesn't do damage to the house!