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Monday, March 25, 2013

Adventures in Crafts: Round 1 Starts Today

Round 1 of So You Think You're Crafty season 15 starts today!
Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you to vote 
for your favorite "Audition" project and my Love Nail Art made it to the Top 10?!

Well, TODAY the real competition starts!
For (hopefully!) the next 9 weeks.

Every week there is a theme.
The crafters submit a craft that goes with the theme.
(This week's theme is SPRING)
You rank the crafts in order from your MOST favorite to your LEAST favorite.
The lowest ranking craft/crafter gets 'sent home' at the end of the week.
And everyone else survives to craft in the next round!

So, could you please do something for me?!
Click {HERE}, check out the SPRING crafts, and vote!

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