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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures in the Basement: Video Tour of Our Basement

Sooooo, for a while now I've been tossing around the idea of doing 
a video blog post. 
And, guess what? 
Today is the day!
I'm jumping in to the "vlog" pool and linking up with

I decided to go with prompt #1
Home Tour! 
Ever wonder what it is like walking around in our basement?
(If you are a new ADV visitor, we have been working on our basement for about 8 months - it's a whopper of a project!)

So there you have it! Our basement! 
For the record here is a "during the dig" picture
(Standing in the walk in closet, looking into the master bedroom. Big difference right?!)
For links to all of the Operation: Finish Basement posts
click {HERE}.

What do you think? Should we make more video blog posts? 


  1. Very nice video, Veronica!
    I love seeing the progress that you've made and hearing the explanation of the layout and plans.
    Great job ~ I'd enjoy seeing more vlog posts = )

  2. That is definitely a HUGE project. I can't even imagine having that big hole underneath my house (when they were doing the "dig" part).

  3. Oh, your basement is going to be so cool when it's done! I'm a little jealous...but I know that the whole construction process can be a frustrating thing. Thanks for the tour!

  4. Two years ago, we finished our basement but it was nothing like your project... Wow! But how amazing will it be when your finished.

  5. Nicely done V! Yes, I think you should continue the Vlog! I'll be excited to see it all come together. My goodness, what an undertaking!

  6. Nicely done V! Yes, I think you should continue the Vlog! I'll be excited to see it all come together. My goodness, what an undertaking!

  7. LOVE IT!! I am in love with your walk in closet! I toured the Cambria plants(s) today (manufacturing and fabricating) and thought of you and your future bathroom. This is such an exciting stage!

  8. Love the vlog. Cheers to losing our vlog virginities today. lol. This is Taylor from :) You did a great job for your first video. Its way better than mine was.

  9. Wow that's a serious project! Some friends of ours did something similar in that they dug a deeper basement and made it a family room and a big laundry room. I love construction projects. I'll have to come back when it's finished. Or better yet i'll just subscribe!

  10. I live in an old house that is constantly under some sort of renovation, so I understand what a huge project this is. Looks like it's going to be great. I bet you can't wait to be done.

    I started vlogging a couple of weeks ago with Mama Kat, and I'm having a ball. Keep it up!

  11. Oh, hats off to you, job well done! I so enjoyed seeing all this and am beyond impressed with all of the hard work going into this project.

  12. First of all welcome to vlogging and yes, do more videos! :)
    8 months...whoa! Your basement will look fantastic once it is finished.

    I am following you now.
    ~Naila Moon

  13. Wow! That is going to be awesome when it is done. I Love the big windows! When you said basement I was thinking teeny windows so that is nice.

    Congrats on your first vlog!