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Monday, January 14, 2013

Adventures in the Basement: Ultimate DIY Project 2012 Recap

If you have been following Adventures of D and V for a while you know all about Operation: Finish Basement. But with a new year comes some new followers (yay! welcome new friends!) and I thought it would be fun to recap what we completed in 2012. Our ultimate DIY project...

What is Operation: Finish Basement?
It is our DIY project of turning the unusable space that was our basement, into finished living space. 
(Basement picture from June 2012. For more pre-project pictures, click HERE)
In order to really make the space useable, we had to make the distance between the floor and the ceiling greater. Before we started it was only a little more than 6 feet from the floor to the rafters of the ceiling. Not tall enough for a finished basement. So we had to dig the floor deeper. 
Digging by hand. Yep, that's me. In a hole. In the floor of the basement. 
 We dug down about 3 feet. 
 First we had to extend the exterior foundation walls down, and made a new footing for the house. 
(More details about that process HERE)
We did everything our selves. Even mixing the concrete! 
Here is our "Little Red Mixer That Could" in the back yard, complete with shade umbrella for the scorching summer sun. 
 It took about 5 months of working evenings and weekends to remove over 105 yards of dirt from our hand. More "by the numbers" about the project HERE.
 After the dirt was all out, we got to work on the new floor. Compacted gravel, plastic vapor barrier, insulation, and the new radiant heat system (totally designed and built by Daniel ~ you can read more about that HERE) were laid down first before the new concrete floor could be poured.
 Phase 1 of Operation: Finish Basement Completed! Our new floor! 

Coming in 2013: Phase 2 - Making the new space into a family room, bathroom, and bedroom! 
You can see what we have gotten done so far in 2013 {HERE}

There you have it.
 Our Ultimate DIY Project of 2012. 
I can't wait to look back at the end of 2013 and see all the progress we will have made this year...
one thing is for sure, the 2013 pictures will have a lot less dirt in them!


  1. Look at you! DIY. That is awesome. Sounds like you two need to start up a business out of this ;)

  2. This was a great recap. I can't wait to see the finished space!

  3. Wow!!! Now you guys are total DIY'ers!! Great job..can't wait to see how it looks completely finished!!

  4. Holy Moly! That is crazy insane DIYing going on right there! What an amazing accomplishment :)

  5. Oh my goodness. I have visions of Shawshank Redemption where you put dirt in your pocket and then slowly deposit it into your backyard. You guys were bound and determined weren't you ;-). I'd definitely impressed. Oh and by the way, you will LOVE your radiant floors. I just installed some in our mudroom and am in heaven.