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Friday, November 2, 2012

Adventures in Sewing: Boxes and Buttons

I have mentioned before that my Grandma Nona was an amazing seamstress. I had mentioned {HERE} that she would make a special dress for me each year for my birthday when I was growing up. I found a picture of one of the dresses the other day was doing some cleaning and organizing. Here is me with my doll (her name was Lindsey) in our matching dresses made special for us by my Grandma Nona.
I'm pretty sure she made us matching hair bows as well! 
Anyway, I wanted to share with you something else I found when I was cleaning and organizing. I have been working on using and organizing some of the sewing supplies that I inharited when my Grandma passed away. I have been having a blast making projects for me like my Jewelry Travel Pouch, and projects for other people like the Bell Dress for Olivia and the dress for Kate Mae, all using the supplies from my Grandma's sewing stash. Some of the boxes contain items that I assume are for some type of sewing project, but I have no clue what they are for! 
Take this box for example:
Inside were a collection of 4 different pieces...
There were tons of these
And tons of these...
And then I saw this round, cardboard pattern. It has the word button on it, and that is when it clicked. These are pieces to make your own covered buttons (well, I think that is what they are anyway!) So I stared messing around with the pieces and here is what I got...

Taadaa! A pretty, covered button! So fun!
I've been thinking of projects I can use these with...
I could use these to make flowers like this
                                                                    Source: via Makenzie on Pinterest
                                      Or on something like this
                                                                                             Source: via Barb on Pinterest

                    Have you ever used these "make your own covered buttons" for a project? Happy Friday! 


  1. Hooray ~ I'm sooo glad you figured out what those thingamabobs were for! You're so smart!!

    Oooohh, the possibilities for using covered buttons are endless.

    I finally donated the rest of Gramma Nona's fabric to the high school theater department. They were very grateful and excited to receive it as they're getting ready to make costumes for their fall musical production.

    I think they'll put it to good use = )

  2. that's amazing!! I really wish I knew more about sewing!

  3. Awh such a sweet story! I love to play with covered buttons, it's so fun to punch them through with the white plastic thingy. Great use and creativity! Thank you for linking up at Doodles & Stitches.

  4. Oh, how adorable are you and your doll! That is the cutest!

    Looks like a lot of potential in that box of sewing supplies and I bet you'll come up with some clever ideas to use those items.

    Happy weekend!

  5. How fun Veronica! Those felt flowers would be perfect for hair clips for little girls!!