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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventures in Favorites: Music, Cleaning, and a Chick Feeder

I've got a few favorite things to share on this beautiful last day of November (Where did the month go!?)

1) My new favorite Pandora station is the "Peaceful Holiday Radio" station. You should try it!

2) I had that station on all day as I gave the house a good cleaning - now that we have the new floor poured, there is much less dirt being tracked into the my excuse for not washing the floor is gone! I kind of enjoy cleaning my floors because last year Daniel bought me one of these:

It sprays out cleaning water, scrubs, and then sucks up the dirt and water!
I love it and would totally recommend it for people with hard wood floors.
It's my favorite way to clean!

3) When I was visiting my Grandpa Seger last weekend, he gave me a few things that had belonged to my Grandma Seger. One thing was this little favorite:
She called it her chick feeder, but it was really a grandkid feeder! She always had it filled with season appropriate candy: candy corn in the fall, red/white/blue m&m's for 4th of july, red and green m&m's for Christmas. I loved to sneak a treat when we were playing cards!

4) Yesterday we did some living room rearranging to fit our Christmas tree in the room! No pictures of that yet, I am saving them for...
Click {HERE} for details on how you can join in!
Happy Friday!
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  1. I need to get a new vacuum so bad! that one looks so awesome!
    Helene in Between

  2. I gotta try that Pandora channel. I put one on the other day while I was decorating the tree & it just played the same 4 songs over & over

  3. I'm so glad you have that candy jar with all the great memories attached.

  4. I NEED one of those hard wood floor cleaner and vacuum. That is incredible.

    I need to show my parents that grandkid feeder!!

  5. I was looking for a good new Pandora holiday station! And my house needs some cleaning too...I'm always up for a good music/cleaning combo. I'll be checking that out soon :)

  6. Thanks for the Pandora station suggestion! I can't wait to try it!!

  7. I'm loving listening to the "Peaceful Holiday Radio" station on Pandora ~ thanks so much for the recommendation, Veronica!

    I can imagine that it felt really good to clean away the dust and grime after all that work digging out the basement. Hopefully you'll get a little break now before the sheetrock dust moves in = )

  8. I'll definitely check out that holiday station! I loooove Christmas music!!


  9. Oh, I love Pandora but never heard of that station. I'll check that out immediately!

    And, I've never heard of that type of vacuum cleaner. We're all into the Shark Steam Mop at our house.

    Love the little chick feeder, what a sweet memory of your Grandmother.

    Happy weekend!