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Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventures in Products: October BirchBox

Happy Monday! 
I bet you thought you were going to get an update on Operation: Finish Basement today, right? 
Well, you are going to have to wait for tomorrow for that, because today is BirchBox Brag Day.
Here is what I got in my October box 
(I forgot to take a picture when I opened, so I just snagged the picture for the BirchBox site) 
LUNA Bar: Made with 70 percent organic ingredients, LUNA Bars are full of calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamins D—nutrients women need on a daily basis. Each bar is also a good source of protein and fiber, so you’ll feel satisfied post-snack and be less likely to reach for that bag of chips. I got the lemon zest flavor and it tasted ok, but I make my own granola bars and would not really pay $1.25 per bar for these. 

Marie Veronique Organics Body Oil: Marie Veronique Organics has formulated this lush all-over oil potent antioxidants with essential fatty acids that hydrate and firm skin. It sinks in immediately and, thanks to natural grapefruit and lavender oils, leaves skin sweetly scented. I have not gotten to try this yet, but my skin tends to get really dry in the winter, so I might save this to try in a few months. It smells great!

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum:This natural serum is like a green juice for your skin. It contains vitamins A, C, and E to fight wrinkles and fade the look of dark spots. Plus, it has a high dose of hyaluronic acid to create a lasting moisture shield on skin. This is literally green juices. I have tried the super tiny sample and it does make my skin feel hydrated but I don't think there is enough in the sample to see any real changes in dark spots or wrinkles...

Sprout Lip Balm: 
Sprout uses select organic and fair trade ingredients to create all their highly potent balms. The base of each flavor is a simple but potent compound of natural wax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Fewer additives mean less irritation, making this handmade balm ideal for sensitive skin. I like the idea behind the all natural lip balm. I got the cocoa flavor, and it tastes like cocoa and a little like honey too - probably from the bee's wax. I'm not head over heals for this lip balm, I am a big fan of Burt's Bees, and this product was just not good enough to make me want to switch. 

essie Nail Polish: I finally got a color of polish that I will actually wear! It's not the one in the picture at the top. I got Carry On and it is a deep burgundy color. Perfect for fall!
**DID YOU NOTICE WHAT WAS NOT IN THE BOX THIS MONTH?! Finally a month with no perfume sample - High-five BirchBox! I would give this box a 7 out of 10. I am always a little bummed to only get 4 items (the Luna Bar was an "extra" since it is not a beauty product so even though there were 5 items in the box, it is only counted as 4 beauty items) in stead of 5, but hopefully November will be even better.


  1. I was a little disappointed in the Luna bar too...I mean, it was tasty but I wish I'd gotten some other kind of beauty product instead. I wish I had gotten that body oil! It looks so neat!

  2. The body oil sounds great and I am super jealous of the Essie polish! The lip balm flavor sounds really good too!

  3. I got the Goop Box for October too and got completely different items! I like your a lot better:) That polish is a great color!~

  4. Love that nail polish! I've never tried the lemon Luna bars before - but the Chocolate Peppermint ones are pretty good. I wish I had the time to make my own granola bars!!

  5. I wish I had gotten some of that Essie polish in my Goop BB! Yours was definitely better than mine! :)

  6. Oh man I want some dark polish i really need to get some!

  7. YAY FOR NO PERFUME!!!!!! lol

  8. I agree... yay for no perfume! I am also super jealous of your polish!

  9. Yay for no perfume!! I actually loved the serum, but I don't like the price. I wish I knew how to make my own granola bars!