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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventures in Photography: Fall Picture Link Up

Today is the day! I am so excited to see all of your fall photos! 

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We have been having a perfectly lovely fall, up until Tuesday, when the strong wind came along and started blowing all the beautiful leaves off the trees.

Ok, now is is your turn!
Oh, there is only one "rule"...
While Pinterest and Gogggle Images have tons of beautiful fall color pictures, please remember this link party is for fall color pictures YOU have taken. Please only link posts that contain your own images. Thanks! 


  1. Love your photos, the reds are beautiful!! :) Fall is fabulous!! Have a great day!

  2. Such beautiful colors and the last picture of the flowers is gorgeous Thanks for hosting this. I had so much fun out looking for pictures.

  3. Those reds are gorgeous. The leaves are just starting to turn here ... there's an occasional tree in full color, but most are just starting to turn ... well, of the ones that survived the heat and drought. ;-) Thanks for hosting this!

  4. love these photos! especially the one with the sun peeking through :)

    thanks for the link up,perfect idea!

  5. Enjoying looking through everyone's beautiful fall photos!
    Great idea, Veronica = )

  6. Thank you for doing this link up! I also love the one with the sun peeking through the leaves. and the one with the mum, I love how the white fence (??) has escaped into the background with just a hint at being there providing some nice textured contrast. Love it!

  7. The colors are so beautiful. I would join in but we have color here yet in Southern CA. We sometimes get some in November.

  8. Oh I love your leaf color! S. GA is very green but we do have a few bits of color - sharing ;-)