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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventures in Life: 10 Geeky Facts About Me

Here it is!
You guys, I almost didn't do this list...
because I really am a geek sometimes! 
But let's call this a new adventure in complete and total honesty...
10 Geeky Facts About ME 
1) I like StarTrek. There. I said it.
2) StarTrek: Voyager is my favorite. Captain Janeway is totally one of my heros.
3) The first "C" I ever got was in my Sophomore year of college. 
4) I choose to take AP calculous over an art class in high school (I know, I was a nerd!) 
5) I am still sad that there was only 1 season of Firefly
6) I love instrumental music - sound tracks especially. I love listening to the music from movies like Pirates of the Carribean, Dances With Wolves, and The Patriot. 
7) I would rather curl up on the couch to watch a movie with my hubby than go out to do something.
8) I make my own: granola bars, purses, spaghetti sauce, curtains...I make lots of things that I could buy at the store, but would just rather make them.
9) I buy most of my clothes from Target, Kohls or TJ Max. (some may call that geeky, and some may call it smart!)
10) I LOVE learning new things, and I really try to learn a new thing every day! 

There you have it. 10 geeky facts about me. Can we will be friends, even though I am a geek?

Come on back here next Thursday to show off your best fall photos in my first ever
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  1. You are not geeky at all. If being thrifty is geeky I do not want to be cool.

    BTW, I am excited about the fall photo. Now I just need to take some photos :)

  2. Oh I mourn it's loss.

  3. The only geeky thing about me is my glasses, they are big and purple

  4. This was too cute! I too am somewhere high on the geek scale. :-) And just to let you know, getting to sit on the couch and cuddle with my hunka-hunka burnin' love (AKA husband) is considered "date night" at my house. I'd much rather do that than fight a crowd anywhere. Thank you for sharing your geekism.

  5. I would take calculus over art any day.

  6. I'm still sad there was only one season of Firefly, too. I'm also the same way about #7. And for #6, have you listened to the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack? It's great.