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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures in Encouragement: Fellow Encouragers

One of the best things about this month long adventure in encouragement has been getting to know some great new bloggie friends! To be perfectly honest, I almost did not do the encouragement exchange because I was afraid that no one would sign up and it would feel a little like being picked last in gym class all over again (anyone else know how that feels?!) Well, decided to suck it up and I was SO encouraged by each of you that signed up! I had another idea - since we are all enjoying the encouragement I thought I would give all of you the opportunity to encourage each other! Here is a list of the ladies who have blogs that joined in on the adventure, feel free to check out some new blogs, meet some new friends, and spread some encouragement! 

Deanna @ Musing...
Laura @ And She Smiled
Vickie @ Water Walker
Christine @ As Seen By Tine
Kalie @ Runningeater
Rebecca @ Knit By God's Hand

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