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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures in the Basement: By The Numbers

We have had several friends stop over in the past few weeks to peak in on our project. One thing they all say is that the pictures just don't do it justice. So we thought these "statistics" may help give a little perspective. 
We are removing 105 yards of earth...don't know how much dirt is in a yard of earth?
Let's try another statistic: to remove that much dirt we have to fill the wheel barrel about 1000 times
To get to the wheel barrel, we first put the dirt into a bucket, so that is 7500 bucket loads.
We all have used a shovel before right?! Well, here you go: To fill the bucket it takes about 5 shovels full. So to dig out our basement we have to remove approximately 37,500 shovel full of dirt...give or take a few shovels full. 

Before we can dig out the middle of the floor, we have been working on the new footers and extending the wall down. There are 34 - 4 foot sections that we have to dig and pour with concrete. This weekend we finished sections 22 and 23! Not to many more before we can do "the big dig" to lower the floor! 

This is going to be our new master bedroom.
Working in the trench. 
 Here you can see how thin the existing floor is, not even 2 inches of concrete in some places. 
I am working on getting a video up of our project we did this weekend...but I'm having some technical difficulties... Here is a picture of the outside of the house after it was finished. See if you can see what is MISSING from the house. 


  1. I applaud you for all your hard work! My gosh, I'd be going crazy if I were you :)

  2. Well, reading that just wore me out! Oh, my, how impressive is all I can say! You all will NEVER want to leave this house after all this "sweat equity" for sure! Blessings for a wonderful week!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is a MAJOR project you have undertaken. I would be totally nuts by now. Hang in there!

  4. Wow! You must have a lot of patience, I hope you are able to get the much needed rest afterwards. Hmnn...I think something, not sure what it is, is missing fromthe roof.

  5. What's missing??? I can't work it out!

  6. Awesome job, guys! You're stick-to-it-ness is inspiring :)

  7. Holy buckets! :) I admit, I did not know how much a yard is, that is a lot of dirt. Good for you guys, keep the photos coming!