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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adventures in Sewing: Jewelry Travel Pouch

I have not gotten to do very much sewing this summer (mostly because of Operation: Finish Basement) but I had this idea in my head and I just had to try it. What do you put your jewelry in when you travel? Truth time: I usually use a ziplock sandwich bag. Yep. Not the best mode of transportation for my pretty things. So I decided to make a little pouch for my jewelry. One of my girlfriends has something similar and I have always thought it was such a great idea. Even if you are a beginner sewer you can make this project. All you need to be able to do is cut circles and sew in a straight line (well around a circle, but it is really not hard, promise!) 
Step 1: Pick your fabric. These two colors called to me from my stash of fabric from my grandmother. 
Step 2: Make 2 circle templates. I used a dinner plate for the large one (10 1/2 inch diameter) and a small mixing bowl for the small one (5 1/2 diameter). 
Step 3: Cut 2 large circles and 2 small circles. 
Step 4: Take the 2 small circles and sew them together (right sides together) make sure to leave a small opening to turn them right side back out. Stitch opening closed after turning right side out. 
Step 5: Make another small circle using a stronger fabric - I used a scrap of grey felt I had. Cut it slightly smaller than your template (so it is the same size of your 2 smalls circled sewn together). 
Step 6: Find the center of the felt circle, one of the large circles and the 2 small circles sewn together. We are going to make a little circle sandwich. Felt circle on the bottom, large circle on top of it (right side facing up) and then the 2 small circles sewn together. Pin them in place with the middle of each circle in line. 
 Step 7: Using a ruler and pencil, lightly draw a straight diameter line on the 2 small circles sewn together. 
 Step 8: Sew a straight diameter line all the way through the 2 small circles sewn together. This seam will go through all 3 circles of your sandwich. 
Step 9: Repeat step 8 two more times for a total of 3 diameter lines through the 2 small circles sewn together. These are going to make the pockets for earrings...can you see it yet! This will make 4 small pockets and 2 large pockets. You could do a 4th diameter line and make 8 small pocket if you want, but I like to have 2 different sizes. You will see why later. 
 Step 10: Place the other large circle (right sides together) over the top of the large circle you just sewed the 2 smaller circles on to. The 2 small circles sewn together will be in the middle at this point. Stitch all the way around the outside just like you did with the 2 small circles. Make sure to leave a small gap to turn them right side out. Remember that small grey felt circle, once you have turned the big circles right sides out that grey felt circle will be in between the 2 large circles. I will be kind of like some extra padding for your pretty things! 
 Step 11: OK, this next part was the hardest. Making a way to gather and tie closed the pouch. I used a strip of the pink fabric to make a tunnel (I'm sure there is a sewing word for this but I do not know it) sewing each edge of the pink strip to the blue. 
 Can you see the stitching on the edges in the picture below? 
Step 12: Use a safety pin attached to the end of a ribbon or string that you are going to use to tie close you pouch. I am looking for a better rope, bur for now I am just using a piece of ribbon. Thread all the way around the tunnel and leave about 3 inches on each side to pull and tie. 
Now you are ready to get some jewelry ready. The smaller inside pockets (made by the 2 small circles sewn together) are perfect for stud earrings or smaller rings. See my pearls in there?
 I left 2 of the pockets bigger on purpose for my bigger earrings...
 And I added this little strip after the fact to attach my necklaces to so they wont get all tangled. Hang them around the strip and let them dangle down into the other big pocket. 
 There will still be room for bigger items in the bottom, I put a bracelet and a bigger pendent necklace in the bottom, not in a pocket or anything. Now pull on the ribbon and gather the edges of the pouch. 
Wrap the ribbon a few times around to make sure nothing sneaks out the top, tie a little bow, and toss it in your bag! You are all ready to travel with your new jewelry travel pouch!


  1. How cute, and totally useful! I made something very similar for my mom way back when I was in high school as a Mother's day present. And she still uses it today! Stopping by from Happy Hour Projects!

  2. How wonderful and functional to have this made. All can be easily protected and found. The Ribbon pulling adds pleats pretty. Wanna to have a go.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  3. When you say "room for bigger things" what's that mean? ........ Daniel (husband) ;-)

    1. She's probably hoping for some big, sparkly jewelry from her wonderful hubby = )

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    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
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  13. Great way to keep everything safe :) And pretty too!

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  17. You have an amazing blog! More power to you!