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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: Hodgepodge Wednesday Vol. 89

Happy Wednesday! Still hard at work in the basement, and working on another update for you all, but in the meantime, I just love answering these fun questions from 
1. I included this quote (attributed to William H. Danforth) in my blog post yesterday... "The best cure for a sluggish mind is to disturb it's routine." When was the last time you 'disturbed your routine' and how'd you do it?
Sometimes my mind feels sluggish when I am at work - entering and checking information on the computer and make me very sleepy sometimes! Sometimes what I do to feel less sluggish is to get up out of my chair and do some stretches or arm swings - this gets my blood pumping again and my mind feels more alert!

2. What's your favorite fried food indulgence?
I am not a huge fried food person...I would have to say french fries. Oooo! Or the other day I made zucchini french fries - they were yummy. Wait! Doughnuts. Yep, apple cider doughnuts. That is my favorite fried food indulgence. Oh, I can't wait for apple picking and apple cider doughnuts!

3. Did you have an allowance as a kid? What did you do with it? Do you give your own kids an allowance?
I don't remember having an allowance...I do remember when I was in middle school and high school I had a budget for each month that I would use to but things I needed like deodorant, make-up, shampoo, ext. At the end of the month, if I had money left over, I got to keep it!

4. What's something you wish you knew more about?
I wish I knew more about other cultures and countries (and that I could learn about them by traveling!)

5. Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? If so, what?
Not that I can think of...actually there are lots of things that I think I am still young enough to do, but I don't have time or just don't want to.

6. What's a song you think has a great first line?
Martina McBride ~ I Just Call You Mine 
This was the song we danced our first dance to at our wedding!

7. Who are you writing to/for when you create a blog post? In other you write, who is the audience in your head? 
It depends on the type of post. For recipes I usually keep in mind both cooks who need Gluten Free recipes and people who don't. For most of my other posts I am thinking of my friends (blog and otherwise) and family. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I wanted to post a recipe for Tator Tot Hotdish today that I made last night, but I forgot to take pictures before a group of hungry men who were helping in our basement last night gobbled it all up! 


  1. I love Martina McBride : ) I don't think I've ever had an apple cider donut but I am looking forward to apple picking season and fall...bright colors, cooler temps, and football!

  2. I love that Martina McBride song too! And, you are right about learning about other countries and cultures. If we all tried to learn more perhaps we could get along better. Right?

  3. Never heard of apple cider donuts; I'll have to look for them this fall and give 'em a try.
    I'll go in your suitcase to learn more about other cultures!

  4. Now I want tater tot casserole (before 9am) :) ;)

  5. Those doughnuts sound so good. Down here in Paraguay we don't get doughnuts unless we make them ourselves....which is never. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love new readers, especially those that comment. haha

  6. I'm kinda like you at work. I don't let items pile on my desk that have to go somewhere else. Each time I finish something I take a quick walk to wherever it needs to go. And those little walks, help wake me up and also keeps my back from hurting from sitting too much.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and your blog is so welcoming and I enjoyed your answers. Apple cider donuts, never heard of them, but they sure do sound yummy and I'm not really a donut person.:o)


  8. I love the way your family handled your budgetary needs when you were a teenager! What a great way to learn to handle money!

  9. Zucchini fries? OH WOW - that sounds great. I love to deep fry a vegetable... balance out the healthy side of it :)

  10. Zucchini fries? I love zucchini ... may have to search for a recipe ... I've got quite a bit of zucchini in the fridge. ;-)

  11. YUMMY apple donuts and apple cider!! something to look forward to this fall, for sure :)

  12. nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue the hodgepodge...looking for to visit more...blessings from holland...