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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: The Creative Exchange

I love getting to know new bloggers, and I love getting packages in the mail. So when I saw this
I knew I had to join in. And I am so glad that I did! I got to make a gift for Rachel at Ma Famille De Trois! I have LOVED getting to know her, checking out her blog, and bonding over things we share (like the love of Master Chef and peach ice cream!) We were totally a perfect match! 
My inspiration for the project came from my cousin Holly and her project 
(Her post has much more detailed instructions than I do - so you should check it out if you are going to try this photo transfer!)
Here are the supplies:
*Laser ink printed photo
*Paint brush or sponge brush
*Gloss gel medium (found in the painting section of your craft store)
I painted a "not to thick, not to thin" layer of the gloss medium on the wood and then placed the picture, ink side down onto the wood...and waited for it to dry (overnight)
 Once the gel is dry, use a damp wash cloth to get the paper wet and slowly rub and roll the paper off...the ink will be captured on the gel medium. 
 I added some embellishments, painted their last name on, and used a layer of ModPodge as a seal to make a little sign for their new house! I love this project - it is so unique and looks really cool! 
This is actually try #2 for this project because I didn't quite get a thick enough layer on the first try and the picture started to rub off when I removed the paper. Now I am trying to pick which picture of us I want to do next!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! You made such a fun little plaque. I'm sure Rachel will love it!

    Thanks for participating in The Creative Exchange!