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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures in Life: Heaven Gained A Special Woman Today

I had a house update that I was going to post today, but that will have to wait.

My sweet Gramma DeLores went home to be with Jesus today.
I can hardly make myself type those words. My heart is filled with sadness, but deep down underneath all the sadness there is a whisper of joy.

I am sad that I will never get to taste her sticky buns again (she made the BEST sticky buns in the world!)
But there is joy in knowing she is no longer in pain. The last few weeks have been horrible for her as she had a broken vertebra that was pinching her nerves. 
I am sad that I will never get to have her as my partner when we whoop up on the boys in a game of cards.
But there is joy that at this moment she is walking on streets that are paved with gold.
I am sad that I will never get to help her in the kitchen, or hear her yell BINGO!, or watch the hummingbirds drink from the feeders on her front window.
But there is joy in thinking of the day when I will get to see her again in Heaven, where we can sing praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I have been so blessed to have had a grandma like her for all the 28 years of my life - and I know that is much more than most people get with any of their grandparents. I even got to chat with her via Skype this morning just a few hours before Jesus took her home. She always said that when it was her time she didn't want it to be long and drawn out - so as much as my whole family will miss her, we know she is finally home!  
She is leaving behind a great legacy 
 4 children...
12 grandchildren
and 9 great-grand children
She taught me so many things, and supported me is more ways than I can count. 
When I was little I would "make up songs" on her piano and
 she would always sit an listen to every note.
She taught me how to bake a cake and decorate it. 
Every Christmas we would make Happy Birthday Jesus cakes.
She would drive for hours to sit for hours to 
watch me swim for just a few minutes. 
She sent me a card on every birthday 
(I don't ever remember her missing even one!),
and on Halloween, Valentines Day, and sometimes just to let me know 
she was thinking about me. 
She taught me how to drive a four-wheeler, and the meaning of recycle 
(we would the four-wheeler out to look for cans on the side of the road to recycle).
She was an all around wonderful woman and 
I will miss her everyday until I get to see her again.
Heaven gained a very special woman today!
And Jesus will have a new awesome hand and foot partner (our family's favorite card game is called hand and foot). 


  1. What a dear and special lady she was to you and your family. Sending prayers to you as your heart is sad with the loss of your granmma and also rejoicing with you that she is now in heaven and experiencing great joy.

  2. Oh hun I'm sorry for the hurt you're feeling, but I'm sure your grandmother would be proud of how you are also able to celebrate the great times you shared together.

  3. What a lovely tribute, made me smile and cry :,)

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds beautiful. Praying the Lord holds you all close during this time.

  5. Thank you Veronica...this is beautiful. She was such a great mom and such a great gramma! I have been really realizing in the last few months how she had a special, unique relationship with each one of her twelve grandchildren. She has set such a wonderful example for me to follow. Love you!

  6. More tears after reading this...
    Missing her so much already.
    Love you, cuz.

  7. ((hug)) I'm so sorry for your loss Veronica!

  8. i'm sorry for your loss....what a legacy she's left.