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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventures in Fashion: What I Wore Wednesday

New fact of the day about me: I love looking at the outfits people come up with on fashion blogs! 
A few of my favorite are: 
since it is Wednesday, 
and since we have been so busy working in the basement,
 I am posting an outfit that I wore this past weekend...
Yep, that's me under all that gear! 
I know you wish you had my great fashion sense, right?! 
Ha! Well, for some actual, real fashion ideas you can check out those sites at the top of the page. 
Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I like your outfit V. Safety first.
    You'll like This girl is nothing like me at all, so I like to roll my eyes a little- not going to lie. But she's super cute.

  2. Wow, Veronica ~ you should start your own clothes line of women's remodeling wear for Home Depot ; )
    You know that you look cute in whatever you wear!!!

  3. Well it might not be the most fashionable outfit but it sure will keep you safe from things that are harmful :)