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Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: Christmas in July

You may remember that swimming is my favorite sport!
Every summer we had "Christmas in July"...
and it was NOT a fun thing!
Basically we had morning and evening practice, plus cross training...lots of HARD work!
It was nothing like 
Adrianne's super fun
 that I just participated in. 
I was paired up with the wonderful Vanina from Mother Crafter.
Here is what I made for her:
Her daughter's name means dove and I decided to design some handmade cards using different dove shapes. I should have taken a picture of each card...but you can see the top one below. 
I also made her some flower pens, a clip and a flower pin! 

Now I have to say, when I was checking out Vanina's blog, I totally fell in love with the beautiful things she makes! Especially her unique aprons. They are just the tie around the waste kind, perfect for putting things in to have your hands free - kinda like a tool belt! I was secretly hoping she would send me one, but I didn't want to ask, incase she was wanting to make me something else... but guess what?!?
She made me an apron!
 Now I can put my scissors in my apron pocket 
and know right where they are when I need them again! 
 This Christmas in July was way better than the ones in high school 
that were spent in the pool!


  1. YAY! I love seeing what everyone else is coming up with for each other. I'm so glad you ladies enjoyed getting to know each other. Thanks for sharing the post. Half the fun is seeing what everyone gets!

  2. YAY here too! I am so happy you liked it! And your goodies were awesome. Thank you again! We will definitely keep in touch. Hugs!