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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures in Life: Hair Cut!

Sorry for the quiet this week! Working on Operation: Finish Basement is taking up a lot of our time. But I took a break from digging to get my hair cut. I went with what you guys voted - Option #1

And got 10 inches cut off! That was just enough to donate to Locks of Love! Yay!
I had to go straight to the salon from work, so I didn't get a "before" picture.
 But here is my attempt to curl my (normally straight) hair to look like the picture...

I am still getting used to it being short - like I used WAY to much shampoo this morning.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOVE love LOVE it, Veronica!

  2. Love the new cut, so cute!

  3. Your new "do" is gorgeous, Veronica!!!

    Don't you feel sooo much lighter to have 10 inches of hair removed?
    Wow....someone is going to really appreciate your donating your hair....again!

    I know what you mean about the shampoo ~ I got my hair cut a week and a half ago and I still use too much shampoo : /

  4. P.S. ~
    I forgot to ask....does Daniel like your new hair do?

  5. So cute Veronica! I am not brave enough to chop my hair :)

  6. The nice thing about hair is that it does grow case you don't like it after you chop it!