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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in Life: Last Things Thursday

It's FINALLY Thursday!
Hooray! That means it is time for...
The Life of the Wife

The last thing I....
SQUASHED: A spider in the bathroom this morning. YUCK! 
(didn't think anyone wanted to see a picture of that)

SENT AN E-MAIL ABOUT: it was an e-mail reminder to my extended family to send me memories of my Grandpa Seger. I am collecting 80 memories for a special project for his 80th birthday which is at the end of the month - more about that project coming soon!

FELL ASLEEP WATCHING: Big Bang Theory...last night
COOKED: Spaghetti and garlic biscuits last night...the biscuits were kinda a flop.
WAITED IN LINE FOR: To return our cable stuff to the Comcast office. We decided last year that we didn't watch enough TV to justify spending so much money on cable channels. And we just now got around to bringing the remote and stuff back. Note to everyone - 4pm on a Monday is the WORST time to go to the Comcast office. The line was out the door, and everyone in it was angry about something. I felt bad for the workers behind the glass wall. None of the problems were their fault, but they were the ones getting yelled at. That job would have to be right up there with "Lost Luggage Office Worker" as worst jobs ever.
PAID FOR GAS: Filled up yesterday for $3.94 and was excited to see it so cheep (SAD I know!)...Chicago area has some of the highest gas prices in the country.
How much did you pay the last time you filled up?

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. We LOVE Big Bang Theory in our house! We watch it every night on TBS.

    I feel the same way about cable, we need to drop it too!

    Happy Thursday to ya!!

  2. I feel ya with the bugs. Weirdly enough I managed to write a whole post on cockroaches... bet I'm the first and only! LOVE the project you're working on for the 80th birthday -- thats going to be awesome!

  3. OH man, that gas is high! I just paid $3.47 yesterday and I thought that was crazy high!

  4. Aw...I like your idea for your Grandad's birthday. Wow! Your gas is expensive! I'm almost embarrassed to say I don't really know how much it is around here because my husband always takes care of that stuff.

  5. I got 15 cents off per gallon yesterday because I bought groceries first and got a coupon! I think it was $3.55 to $3.40, but I wasn't really paying attention. That matters when a full tank is 36 gallons!

    Also DMV worker. Though they probably have stellar benefits...