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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures in Home Improvement: House Goals Update

In January I told you about some goals we have for our house this year. 
To read all of them you can 

Well we have been hard at work and here is a bit of an update! 
Our BIG project is finishing the basement. 
Not only finishing, but digging it deeper and pouring a new footing.
But the first step of that is to clean it out! 
Here is the picture from January
I know, YIKES!

But after lots of sorting, organizing, throwing out, and moving to the garage, 
we are getting closer...

Next project:
Since last year I have had strips of frog tape on the dining room wall...
For some shelved that Daniel made for me. 
This weekend they got put on the wall!!

Now I just have to gather some items to display on my shelves!

Next Topic:
Remember when I told you about the VoxBox I got in the mail {here} that was filled with great products for me to try for FREE...
Well, I have been trying out all the products and tomorrow will be starting to tell you about them! 
Up first will be the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. 

Ohh! One more thing....

White Lights on Wednesdays
Check it out!
Also, Isn't this the cutest button ever! I love it.


  1. It feels good to be able to check off a project as finished. Now, we need to see a pic of the shelves with all their displays.

  2. Holy projects! You go! We just recently decided our house needed a "facelift"..we are starting with the Master...IF we can ever agree on anything!

  3. Nice job building the shelves, Daniel....they look great!

    Yes, the basement is a big project....but it will be so nice to get it finished....finally!

    You and Daniel make a great team, Veronica = )

  4. P.S. ~ Will you still be able to use your washer & dryer while you're working on the basement?

  5. Good job V! The basement is coming along!

  6. Awesome!! It's overwhelming sometimes to tackle those big projects.

    Thanks for linking up!!
    see you next week!!