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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures in Family: Mother's Day

Before I start, if you haven't seen this video, take 2 minutes to watch.
(and have a tissue handy, cuz you're gonna need it)
Ok, dry your eyes. Good?
My favorite parts of this video are the swimming parts.
In case you didn't already know

It was always a dream of mine to swim in the Olympics (God had other plans for me, and that's ok!) and every 4 years I am literally captivated by the Olympic coverage. Like iron grip on the remote control so no one tries to change the channel crazy captivated...anyway back to mom!
Earlier this week a church friend posted on Facebook something about how she was "kissing sleeping in good-bye for the summer" because her girls were doing summer swim team and the team practices at 7 a.m.
This got me thinking of all the summer days for years and years that my mom got me out of bed and drove me 45 minutes (one way) to swim practice. Since we lived so far from the pool, she would stay and watch our practice and then drive us home. (I say 'us' because my brother was on the team too.) And she didn't just do this in the summer. NOPE! We swam year round. Practice every week day, and swim meets on the weekends. I can remember in high school trying to figure out how many hours I had spent in the pool practicing and racing...I cant remember what the total came out to be, but it never occurred to me that for every hour I was in the pool, my mom was right there with me. Watching. Cheering. Supporting. And even thought I can never say thank you enough, I am saying it again. 
Thanks Mom for all the early mornings, 
long weekends, 
and late nights in the hot, steamy pool balcony. 
Thanks for all the cups of hot coco after freezing cold out door practices. 
Thanks for all the dried tears when I missed the champ time, 
selectable time
 or got disqualified. 
Thanks for all the cheers and encouragement
In and out of the pool!
Happy Mother's Day! 

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1 comment:

  1. Such a touching video and blog post, Veronica ~ thanks a lot for making my eyes leaky!

    It was my privilege and joy to raise you and your brother....and to watch you grow, learn, compete, and mature into such capable, gifted, caring adults.

    I truly treasure the memories of all those hours spent at the pool...along with many other special times we spent together. And I look forward to the day when I get to cheer on my grandchildren = )
    (sorry....I couldn't resist....gotta love me)