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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adventures in Vacation: 10 on Tuesday

10 reasons why we love taking cruises


1) Fun destinations: So far we have only been to the Caribbean on our cruises, but the islands are all beautiful and different. There are cruises most anywhere you would want to visit, and you get a unique view (from the water) of those places. 
2) All inclusive and cost effective: For your vacation you have a place to stay, transportation, food, and entertainment all in one place. Paying for each of those separately can add up in a hurry! 
3) You are totally on vacation when you are on the ship. You can totally un-plug and be in contact with the outside world as little or as much as you want - but you do have to pay extra for internet time. No WiFi. 
4) See different places every day! Usually while you sleep the ship is on it's way to a new port. When you wake-up there is another place to explore!
5) You get to sleep in the same place every night. Forget the packing and unpacking ever few days. Unpack once and come home to the same room every night.
6) No cleaning!!! This one is real fun for me. They clean your room every day, usually twice a day. And turn down your bed at night with chocolates on your pillow.
7) No cooking/cleaning up. Now don't get me wrong, I love to cook...but when on vacation it is so nice to have your food cooked for you, and there are no dirty dishes to clean.
8) AMAZING FOOD! If Daniel had been making this list, he would have put this one at the top...everything is so good, fresh, and always different. You can try new things or stick with your favorites.
9) You can get dressed up. There is usually one formal night on the boat where everyone dresses up (if they want) fancy for dinner
10) There is never a dull moment on the ship. Between movies, bingo, singing & dance shows, comedians, seminars, spa treatments, pool games, wine tasting, art auctions, tea time, black jack tournaments, mini golf, oh, and don't forget laying by the pool...there really is something going on all the time. Or you can just sit and read a book and watch the waves go by. 

Do I have you convinced yet? 
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I agree with all of that! Cruises are the best. I really want to go on another one of these years!

  2. Sounds fabulous, Veronica! You don't have to convince me ~ it's your FATHER who needs convincing ; )

  3. Yes!
    I've never been on a cruise, but I'd love to someday!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I've only been on one cruise and it wasn't my favourite but it wasn't too bad. The only downside is that I like to spend more than one day exploring a place before moving on. But I did like being able to unpack only once, and the ship was beautiful. We went horseback riding along the shore in the Bahamas and took Cha-Cha lessons on board. Two things we probably wouldn't have done otherwise.

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog for more details.



  5. actually yes, you DO have me convinced. I've been thinking a cruise wouldn't be my thing, but you've painted an awesome picture. :)

  6. Cruises are the best! I've been on two Caribbean ones, and we're going on one to Alaska next month. I agree that the awesome food and not having to worry about cooking/cleaning or the different expenses adding up all make a more relaxing trip. Though when we got home, it was kind of an adjustment: "What, we don't get lobster tonight? And I have to COOK?" Haha.

  7. Stopping over from Angie's Top Ten linkup. First, love the blog title (my hubby and I are also a D & V . . . David and Valerie). Second, cruising rocks. We've been on two, and have a third planned for later this year. Before our first, I never would have thought we'd be Cruise People. But it is awesome for all the reasons you list and more. Especially love the ease of seeing several places without that pesky driving, repacking, unpacking, new hotel, where do we eat, etc. feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A cruise is on my bucket list. Someday...