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Friday, April 13, 2012

Adventures in Favorites: Vacation Favorites

I know, I know...another 'vacation' post. 
I promise I almost have them all out of my system, 
and my pile of things to unpack is almost gone.
But for today, 
I wanted to share my favorite part of being on vacation
You might guess my favorite part of being on vacation is
'not having to do any dishes'
'laying next to the pool and working on my tan'.
(Both good ones!)
But my FAVORITE part of being on vacation is...
This handsome guy! 
Look how happy he is with the sea air blowing in his face!
I had him all to myself for 10 whole days.
 No work, no phone calls, no house projects, no e-mail. 
Just us!
Any time I get to be with my man is my favorite! 
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  1. Good for you Veronica! Pretty sure Paul and I would be driving each other crazy by day 3 and I'd have the "no laundry/dishes/work" as my favorite thing!

  2. Yes, he is quite handsome and dashing and so fun.

  3. Good job being almost done unpacking! Mike and I always take bets when we get back from vacation on how long it is going to take him to unpack his bags. A month is usually a good bet! Glad you two had a great time!