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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: 10 on Tuesday Beauty Edition

10 beauty products I can't live with out.
As I was making this list I realized that I am not a huge product person, and I am not really a loyal product person either. I have a few things that I always buy the same brand of, but not many...
1) Black pony tail holder - my right wrist is hardly ever without one. It is in my hair or on my wrist. (right now it is on my wrist)
2) Mascara ~ I like Clinique but I just use the free gift sample size. One of my girlfriends doesn't like the Clinique mascara so when we get our free gifts, I always get her mascara too!
3) I am a Cover Girl girl. I love their cover up and powder.
4) Tresemme Heat Tamer Protection Spray - I blow dry, curl, and/or straighten my hair (depending on the day) so this little spray bottle helps to protect my hair from going completely crazy with all the heat.
5) Nail polish! I love having painted nails. My toes are almost always painted, and I love to do my fingers whenever I have the chance. My new favorite color is: 
 Peach Daiquiri
6) Neutrogena blush~ I couldn't find a picture of this one, but the palate is a bunch of different colors of pinks so it looks very natural. 
7) Eye liner ~ I pretty much use a black pencil liner of some kind every day. I prefer the kind you don't have to sharpen, but I'm not to picky about the brand. 
8) Biore Deep Cleansing Nose Strips. Shout out to all the people who love seeing the strip when you pull it off! You know what I am talking about...
9) Tweezers ~ (Not so much a product as a tool, but I was running out of thing!) I've always been a "shape your own eyebrow" girl. So the tweezers are always close by.
10) EOS shaving cream ~ Have you seen this? It is like a million times better than any regular shaving cream! You can use it wet or dry, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

What is your favorite beauty product? 


  1. gotta love tweezers, i know i couldn't live w/out mine! :) i'm your newest follower, thanks for stopping by Three Peas today!

  2. I use that heat tamer every day too! I'll go running to different stores to find it if one store is out :)

  3. Have to have Mary Kay Makeup remover!

  4. I have to try that shaving cream!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Thanks for linking up! Everyone is raving abt that shaving cream..gonna have to get my hands on some!
    Newest follower!
    flats to flip flops

  6. I recently found the shave cream at my local Target and LOVE it!

  7. I love that color of nail polish - I might have to find me some. :-)