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Friday, March 30, 2012

Adventures in Media: New Favorite

So, I had been hearing a lot of talk about....
One day watched the first episode on Netflix, and 
The show opens with the sinking of the Titanic. Among the passengers who lost their lives were the 2 male heirs of Downton Abbey. The current Earl has 3 daughters who can not legally inherit the 1,000 acre estate, and thus the drama begins. The next man in line is a 3rd cousin whom the family has never even met. However this show is not only about the lavish life of the Earl's family, but it is also about the servants who live in and run the beautiful estate. I am fascinated by the relationships between the family and the servants. They are so close behind closed doors sharing secretes and giving advice, yet the rules of society prevent them from really becoming friends. Here is a quick video that tells a bit more about the show and you can see some more of this AMAZING house! It is truly stunning!
In addition to the stunning location, dramatic plot, and interesting characters, I love the fashion of the time period. The costumes are beautiful! 

The youngest sister stuns the family with her new outfit! 

And OH the HATS! They are BIG and beautiful!

I think my favorite character in the series is played by the fabulous Maggie Smith.
She is "Granny". And she is a stitch! She makes me laugh out loud with some of her remarks. 
I do have to say, like most of the TV programs today, some of the characters are lacking in the moral living department...which gives way to some drama. 
But on the whole, I am a fan. 
My new dream is to travel to England and see Downton Abbey...
It is called Highclere Castle in real life. 
It is completely fascinating to me!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, to see anything, 
where would you go and what would you see?
Happy Friday!


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey and can't wait till next year when the new series is out.

  2. It would be sooo much fun to travel to England and visit Downtown Abbey with you, Veronica!

    BUT....if I could travel first choice would be to travel to the Holy Land to see/walk where Jesus lived/walked. THAT would be my DREAM trip = )

  3. I am not a tv/movie watcher but this series is delightful! I started with the second series and quickly went to netflix to see the first season. I even enjoy watching the episodes over and over :)