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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures in Life: 10 on Tuesday Shoe Edition

Are you ready for 10 on Tuesday!
This week's theme is a favorite of women everywhere
Here are 10 of my favorite shoes, some of them I have, 
some of them I wish I had!

1) My favorite summer sandals are Chacos. Mine are brown with a pink strap. I wear them every day in the summer. 

2) I have always wanted a pair of RED SHOES

3) I have been drooling over the tall brown boots that the Pioneer Woman has.
4) Nine West black pumps are AWESOME and go with anything. I have a pair in black, and wish I had the brown ones too. 
5) Flats sometimes make my feet hurt, but these ones have pretty good support. 
6) I am normally not a wedge girl, but this coral color make me want to be! 
7) I like my black boots to be a little pointy. These are not the exact ones I have, but they are close. 
8) I love the natural look and bow on top of this pump. This pair is on my wish list. 
9) And these make me in the mood for summer!
10) And lastly how about some crocs. I do have a pair like this, but in light blue. 

There you have it, 10 favorite shoes on Tuesday!


  1. I love the Pioneer Woman's boots too! And you need red shoes. I have two pairs (different shades) and I don't know how I lived without them.

  2. red shoes are a must!
    thanks for linking up! <3

  3. I want some red shoes now too!!! - especially red sequin ones a la Dorothy!

  4. My favorite all the times shoes are Chacos! I have the all brown leather ones and wear them out! Might have to get a new pair this summer.