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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: 10 on Tuesday

Last week I discovered a super fun blog called Mom2MemphisandRuby
and this blog party
So I am playing along.
This week's theme is 10 favorite photos...and as I was looking through my photos my post turned into more of a 10 favorite photos/memories...
(You do not have to follow the theme of the week to link up, I just wanted to!) 
So here they are in no particular order...
1) This is a picture that I took for {this post}. I love the lighting!

2) This photo was taken by our fantastic photographer (Daniel's cousin) at our wedding. I felt silly holding my flowers like that, but he knew what he was doing! Love it
3) This picture was taken in Puerto Rico on a girls trip. All the streets in Old San Juan are so pretty! We spent our day seeing the sights and sharing laughs. 
4) A few years ago, me and 2 friends went to try out for Wheel of Fortune. 
That's me standing by the wheel-mobile!
5) This picture was taken a few minutes after Daniel proposed on the beach in FL. 
Can you tell we are super happy!
6) Can you see the person standing next to the horses butt? That's me! And the running person is my friend Sarah. We were taking a road trip from CO to MN. We tried several times to get a picture of both us us on this monument, but it was to far, and to cold...But this picture makes me smile!
7) Can you tell I like the snow! Every year I go out in the first snow of the winter and play. This was senior year of college and my good friend 
Shanna was the only one I could convince to come out with me. 
It was so fun! I love that you can see the snow falling in the picture.
8) We live not to far from The Morton Arboretum. Fall is my favorite season, with all the beautiful colors! This is my favorite tree at the arboretum take a few years ago. 
9) This is my little bro. He is holding the fish I caught on a family vacation. He is a very good fisherman and a good brother to take all my fish off the hook for me...I don't touch the fish. 

10) This may be my all time favorite picture. It was taken by my good friend Sherah. (If you live in the Chicago and are looking for a photographer, you should check out {her blog}.
This was after our first dance as man and wife!
I love the lighting and the black and white. 

This is just the tip of the ice burg of my favorite pictures. 
I love pictures, and could have done "100 favorite photos" post...but the link party is just 10 favorites.
Do you have a favorite picture?


  1. A great collection of photos filled with beauty fun and love! :)

  2. love these! the horse statue picture made me laugh! awesome memories! thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Wow, lovely pics. Number 10 gives me goosebumps!

  4. totally agree... i could have put about a thousand pictures up! picking ten was hard, but FUN!!!! :)
    Your blog is DARLING!!!! Love the wedding pic's you put in your collection - visiting from Tuesday Ten (obviously!) :)
    Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful pictures! The wedding ones are amazing!

  6. Beautiful pics! Luis proposed to me on the beach in FL too (St. Pete)! :)

  7. Great idea, 10 on Tuesday! You bloggers are so creative with your themes! And it looks like some good times!

  8. love the proposal picture! so cute!!

  9. Tag, you're it!! I just linked you up to a game of tag on my site =)

    See it here:

    Have fun!

    xo Hilary @ Measure Once, Cut Twice

  10. Lovin your pictures, gorgeous!

  11. Oh! Your wedding pictures are beautiful! I'm looking for wedding guest posts for my blog. (I'm getting married in October and I'm getting wedding crazy!)I would love if you'd stop by and consider guest posting!

    if you're interested: