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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventures in Life: Leap Day

For our family today is not just Leap Day.
Today is Grandpa Jack's 21st Birthday.
You read that right. 
Grandpa Jack. 
21st birthday.
He is 'technically' 84 years old today...
but since his real birthDAY (Feb. 29th) only comes around every 4 years, 
this is only the 21st time it has happened. 

We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate around this time of the year. 
My post the other day was about my sister-in-law's birthday. 

We also have celebrated Justin's birthday (Daniel's little brother) 
This is Daniel and I with Justin at the rodeo a few weeks ago.

And we celebrated Wendy's birthday (one of Daniel's younger sisters) 
This is Daniel and Wendy at our wedding.

So many fun celebrations for such wonderful people! 
Happy Leap Day!


  1. Ha, that is so cool! What a fun thing to be able to say. :-)

  2. I was just asking my husband this morning what people born today do about their birthdays. Grandpa Jack looks very mature for his age! :)

  3. Have fun celebrating Grandpa Jack's birthday ~ give him a birthday hug from us = )