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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Ok, lets be honest here. 
For most of the country the Super Bowl is not actually about watching the football game or even the half time show. It is about 2 things...
1) Eating yummy snack food
2) The commercials 
I LOVE watching the Super Bowl. When I was in college, one of our swimming coaches would have the whole team over to his house to watch the game every year. His sweet wife would cook for days before hand to make enough food for all of us college athletes. 
Daniel and I have started a tradition of having some friends over to watch the commercials game, and eat lots of yummy football food. This year I went to Pinterest to gather some ideas and found some great ones that I thought I would share with you! 

What about you? Will you watch the Super Bowl this year? What will you be eating? 
Right now the only thing officially on our menu is brisket that Daniel is going to make in his smoker. (Note to self: Do a post about my wonderful hubby's meat smoker that he build himself!)

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