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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures in Married Life: Sunday Lunch

I don't know when it started, but every Sunday Daniel and I have the following conversation when we get home from church.
"What do you want for lunch?" 
"Oh, I don't know, something easy..."
"Do we have everything for nachos?"
"Wanna have nachos for lunch?"
So this is what we do:
 Step 1: Cook the meat (some weeks we use chicken but this week we used ground beef).
Step 2: Get your toppings ready. To promote even distribution of the sour cream, I like to mix it with some salsa in a smaller bowl first. 
 This week I cut up green pepper, onion, and lettuce for toppings
Step 3: Once the meat is cooked, add your taco seasoning. I make my own taco seasoning and like to add some lime juice to the meat too.
If you have a package of taco seasoning, follow the directions on the package.
If you are using my taco seasoning, add 1/2 c. water, lime juice, and 1 to 2 tbsp of seasoning to the meat. Mix and let simmer. 
Step 4: While the meat is simmering, place chips on a cookie sheet or some other type of oven safe pan. Sprinkle shredded cheese over chips and put into a 350 degree oven for 5 min to melt cheese. 
Pause for a favorite: Hint of Lime chips. I LOVE THEM! 
Back to the recipe...
Once most of the water has boiled off of the meat it will look like this...
And after about 5 min your chips and cheese will look like this...
Step 6: Spoon toppings over the chips and cheese and grab some paper towels, because they are a bit messy. 

Do you have any meals that you eat every week? 


  1. I've used my homemade taco seasoning 3 times since you posted the recipe ~ it's delicious!!

    We like to use it on taco salad ~ which is less messy than nachos as you eat it with a fork!!

    But you can make these yummy looking nachos for us the next time we get together, Veronica ; )

  2. Ha! We do some kind of taco/nacho/tostada thing pretty much every week. And I just found this (gluten-free!) cheesy chicken and rice casserole that's sooooooo good!

  3. that looks so easy and yummy.


  4. This sounds really good, especially making your own seasoning. And, the lime chips are my favorite. Thanks for sharing

  5. Don't know if you have a Walmart in your area, but they have a lime/garlic salsa that is also my favorite. It's their brand.

  6. I love this! We often have nachos on Sunday too! Your recipe looks great!

    A few blog friends and I are hosting our first link party tomorrow to finish off the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, we go live at 7amET. Today I revealed my project for the challenge, a gallery wall with only one screw in the wall. It would be great if you have a chance to check it out and link up!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog = your newest follower

  7. Nachos are a favorite meal around here too!!! We love that each person can customize their plate!! Thank you so much for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday!!!

  8. These look like they'll be perfect for the Super Bowl this Sunday! Thanks!

  9. YUM! I agree--these would be perfect for the Super Bowl! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!