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Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in Gluten Free Cooking: Taco Seasoning Mix

I have found that a good way to help keep my grocery bill small is to use things that I already have to make things I would maybe normally purchase. Example: rather than buying potato hash browns in the freezer section, I can use my food processor to cut up whole potatoes into hash browns, or mixing your own taco seasoning rather than buying the little packet at the grocery store (which is what today's post is about). 

Super Simple Taco Seasoning Mix

4 T cumin 
2 T chili powder
2 T garlic powder
3 T onion powder
1 1/2 t sea salt 
1 1/2 t ground black pepper

Measure all ingredients...

Mix ingredients together.

Store in air tight container (an empty spice jar works great is you remembered to save one!). 

That's it! I told you it was super simple - and you probably have all of these ingredients in your spice cabinet already, right?!

I have used this taco mix with ground beef, ground turkey, chicken, steak...basically any kind of meat you would want to have in tacos. Depending on how strong of a taco flavor you want on your meat, use 2 or 3 tablespoons of the mix adding it to the meat just like you would the packets you buy at the store. I also like to add the juice of one lime to the meat while it is cooking, if you have one on hand. 

Do you have anything that you could buy at the store, but choose to make from things you already have at your house?


  1. I am sooo mixing up a batch of this....bye-bye little store-bought packets of taco seasoning!! Thanks for posting this recipe, Veronica = )

  2. We just discovered this recipe about 4 months ago. We have always used a bottled sauce, but it has gotten expensive. We like the seasoning, but miss the sauciness. Working on that!

  3. @Donna I.
    Please let me know if you find something better :) You know me, I always like to try new recipes!

  4. I love the pictures that you take of the process! I'm going to bookmark this, those packets are more than $1 each!
    I don't do it myself in the kitchen much. I hardly ever even use our bread maker, I'm more for the shortcuts so I can spend more time in my studio. :( But Paul butchers and processes all of our meat, so there's that...

  5. I've been using wildtree taco seasoning to avoid the msg and silicon dioxide but I'll have to give this a try.

    I make pretty much most things from scratch. I make my own cream of chicken soup, cream of celery. Now with the garden I am making my own tomato sauce and spag. sauce.

    I make my own yogurt and granola. It's a favorite here. I really try to not buy anything pre-made.. except ketchup. I can't make that to where it tastes good.

  6. @Hannah Oooo! Yogurt! I would like to know how you do that Hannah :)

  7. I mixed up a batch of this taco seasoning mix, and I'm excited to taste it in our next batch of taco salad!!

  8. this is the best! I also make my own taco seasoning so much healthier and better