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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures in Faith: sisters in bloom

Sometimes I wonder how many blogs there are out there on the internet... I just keep finding more, and more, and more...I follow quite a few and love getting ideas for projects and meals. Yesterday I stumbled upon a new blog the other day that sounds like it will be very exciting!

Sisters In Bloom

Sisters in Bloom is a blog "to encourage the heart of women and create community" among  Christian bloggers. I can't wait to see how God uses Sisters in Bloom on the internet! If you go to the web page there is a video that tells a bit more about the website. I wish I knew how to post videos on this page...I think I am going to stop at the library after work today and check out their copy of Blogging for Dummies. Anyway, if you go to the site and watch the video, listen to the song that is playing in the background. I played the video several times just to listen to the song! Then I went to iTunes and got the whole album! The artists name is Kari Jobe and I am listening to the album right now. I have only listened to a few of the songs, but I have loved what I have heard so far. (Sorry for the random music review!)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Leah just put me on to her yesterday. She is very good!

  2. Not sure how I found your blog, maybe because of your gfree recipes, but I enjoy reading the fact that there are so many Christian women blogging about life and their faith. Be blessed!

  3. So glad I found your blog!! There's so much to love! I passed on the Liebster Award to you! Check it out: :)