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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adventures in Faith: 1000 blessings in 2012

I took the dare. The Joy Dare. To give God the glory for 3 blessings each day, every day in 2012. If you take this dare, by the end of the year, you will have counted 1000 blessings. For the month of January, Ann has made a list of prompts to help out the dare takers. So today I am thankful for:

43) One thing I wore ~ this super comfy fleece that was a Christmas gift from my hubby

44) One thing I gave away ~ Quarter in my shopping cart at Aldi. If you shop at Aldi, you know exactly what I am talking about :) If not, you need to know that the shopping carts at this grocery store are all hooked together by the door, and to get one you have to put in a quarter to unlock it from the long line of carts. When you are done, you take your cart back and hook it back to the line of carts and you get your quarter back. I like to leave my cart with the quarter, hopefully to bless someone who just can't seem to find a quarter in their pocket or purse.

45) One thing I shared ~ My cold. This may not seem like a blessing, but because I shared my cold germs with Daniel, we got to spend a snow, snugly, Saturday together on the couch with lots of these...


  1. Hope you and Daniel are feeling better soon!

  2. you shared your cold :) How sweet :) hehe! That one made me laugh! I too am taking the dare...just started a bit late! It's gonna be such an awesome challenge!