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Once upon a time there was a girl from the beautiful land of Minnesota and a boy from friendly Elmhurst. Even though they were born far away from each other, God had a plan all worked out for the two of them.

When the girl grew up, she moved to a town near Elmhurst to go to college. At this time the boy still lived in Elmhurst with his family. Just as the girl graduated from college and moved to Elmhurst, the boy and his family moved away...but the boy still came to Elmhurst to work.

The girl started attending the church where the boy and his family had attended before they moved away, and one day he saw her. A friendly usher introduced them at church that day, but it would be many months before the boy worked up the courage to ask the girl on a date.

Months later when the leaves were brilliant red, orange, and yellow, the boy and the girl had dinner together (but it was just sandwiches ~ it was not a date according to the invite the boy sent via text). As the weeks passed and the snow started falling, the boy and girl realized that they had many things in common. People started to notice they both had big smiles on their faces whenever they were together.

Then one day, as they were walking on the beach, the boy bent down to pick up a shell and pulled out a ring! The boy asked the girl to be his wife and she said YES!

Let the adventures begin...

On the side bar you can see some of the many adventures we have been on from basements to blogging and faith to family, we LOVE experiencing each adventure God has for us together! Here are a few links to our adventures in married life - to get to know us a little better:

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