Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 9 Months Old

Dear Rebekah,

At lease once a day I hear myself saying "When did you become such a big girl?!" 
You really are growing so fast! You are 9 months old now - and what an exciting age this is! 

I would call this last month "the month of standing and teething". You discovered how to pull yourself up into standing position...and to do it all the time now. 

It took a few tumbles for you to learn how to get down once you were up, but you are now pretty much a pro at standing while holding onto something. 

Every time I sit down anywhere, you crawl over and stand up next to me. 
I have so much fun 'talking' to you. You can say 'Mama' and 'Dada' and 'bye-bye' and I heard you say 'hi' one time. You make lots of different noises and like to copy noises that I make. I just love hearing your sweet little voice babbling and singing away as your play. 

Sometimes your smiling face turns into your drama face, when I can't pick you up when you want to be held...or I don't share the food that I might be eating with you. 
Oh the drama! 
Look at those teeth! You have 3 teeth on the bottom and I suspect the top teeth are coming soon. For about a week this month, you were pretty miserable because of sore gums. Momma did everything she could think of to help you feel better, but snuggles and nursing were about all you wanted to do that week. 

You are very curious about everything. From the smallest speck on the floor to anything new you can see - you find a way to go investigate it. 

One thing we started doing this month is waving to Daddy when he leaves for work. And we try to meet him at the front door and wave as he gets home from work. Now, whenever we go to the front door, you get so excited and start to wave your little hands... Even if we are just getting the mail! 
(You make some pretty silly faces!)
You Aunt Olivia gave you your very first purse this month. You have had so much fun playing with it and the big girl items inside of it. One of the toys inside the purse is a little pink cell phone - but you still like Mommy's phone better. When Daddy calls during the day, I will put the phone on speaker and you like to talk with Daddy. After we hang up, you always grab for the phone and look it over saying "Dadadadada" like you wonder where he went to. Such a smart girl you are!
Mommy constantly catches you being a dare devil - trying to climb things that you know you should not. 
I call this your "Busted" face....

You still love to eat! You tried a few more new things this month - blueberries, cantaloupe, spinach, and you finally decided you like puffs! You kick your little feet and "mmmmmm" up a storm when I'm feeding you. AND you are getting the hang of feeding yourself! 

Some days you just want to be held all the time - so our solution is for you to ride on my back so mommy can get some things done around the house. You love to ride on my back and I love having you close to me.

Rebekah, you are such a special girl! God has really blessed Mommy and Daddy so much by letting us be your parents. We love you more everyday.

Here are some 9 month picture outtakes - It is more difficult each month to get a good pic! 

Silly Girl! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Adventures in Reading: Daddy Loves You So Much

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, did you? 

My favorite part of the weekend was getting to spend Sunday together as a family. Just the 3 of us. Since Daniel is on call for work every other weekend, our family time is somewhat limited. And often his free weekends get filled with other things like working on the house or fellowship with friends and family. So when we get to spend time just relaxing and playing, it is so special! I love getting to have Daniel help me with Rebekah and do things with her that I get to do ever day. One thing that I (try to) do every day is read to Rebekah. She LOVES books and will lay on the ground looking at her books, feeling the pages, giggling at the pictures, and babbling to herself. Her favorite is to lay on our bed, and I will hold the book above her and read on our backs. Since Daddy was home, he got to read to her, and one of the books he picked is a new one at our house. Its called Daddy Loves You So Much, by Tommy Nelson.

Rebekah just loves the pictures of the different baby animals with their daddies in the book. And Daniel and I really love the story. It is a sweet book with a great lesson for children and parents alike. I love that is gives practical ways that parents can show love for their children. 
She gets pretty into it! 
Tommy Nelson is giving away one copy of Daddy Loves You So Much to one of you! This would be a wonderful gift for a new dad, or a dad-to-be. It would also be a special Father's Day gift! It is certainly a great book to add to any children's collection. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know you would like to be entered to win! Please include your e-mail address so I can contact you when you win. You can also enter the giveaway by commenting on my Instagram picture HERE

I was given this book free for the purpose of review, however the opinions in this post are my own. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Adventures in Reading: Side By Side

This is the first contemporary missionary fiction novel I have read, and it is a bit of a different book pick for me. However when I was given the opportunity to read and review Side by Side by Jana Kelley by Litfuse, I decided to give it a go, and I'm glad that I did! 

A little about the novel: The story takes place in Khartoum, Sudan, an Islamic country. Mia, an American Christian mother and wife to a missionary who is working in the Northern Sudanese city, is struggling with the reality of being a Christian woman in an Arab world. A spiritual battle rages around her as she seeks ways to serve God and language and cultural barriers. Halimah is a daughter of a devout Muslim family. She is a student, leaning the skills to work for the family business. Living in a country where people can be, and frequently are, put to death just for being Christians, Halimah becomes a Christian. It is illegal to be a Christian. And when her family finds out, Mia also finds a reason for her time in the Sudan. Together the women face danger and grow in their faith in the Lord.

My thoughts: More often than not, I do not remember to keep the persecuted Church in my prayers. However after reading Kelley's description of the Christians who live in Sudan, I believe I will be much more likely to remember to pray for them. Kelley's writing transported me to the other side of the world. The characters in this novel were very easy to connect with and relate to. I also appreciated the details and descriptions about Muslim life and their culture. While some of the details are a bit gut wrenching and graphic, Kelley really force the reader to experience what it would be much as one can when reading a book. 

I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to reading future books by Kelley!

I was provided this book for free from Litfuse in exchange for my review, however the above review is my true thoughts on the book. 


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures in Media: God's Not Dead

We enjoy movies, but rarely do I recommend movies to other people. (Especially to people I don't know in real life) To be honest, it's hard to find a movie now that doesn't have bad words, or violence, or other things that I don't want to recommend people to watch. 
But we saw a movie the other day that has been on my mind all week. 
And I want to recommend it to you. 
The movie is called "God's Not Dead" 

Have you seen it? 

It's on Netflix.
(We watched my parent's copy, but I hear it's on Netflix.)

Here is a link to the trailer on YouTube

A basic plot is that a student in a college philosophy class is asked to write, along with the other students in his class, the words "God is Dead" on a sheet of paper and sign his name...which, as a Christian, he can not do.
(There is SOOOO much more to the movie than this one sentence. But that is the main story)

One specific quote from the movie that I have been thinking about this week was this: 

"Sometimes the devil allows 
people to live a life free of trouble 
because he doesn't want them 
turning to God."

Throughout the week, this quote has popped into my head multiple. Almost like a challenge for myself. When my life is seeming easy, am I still keeping my relationship with Jesus on the front burner or am I letting it slide to the back burner? There have been some challenging times in our life over the past few years, and I automatically cling to my Savior. But I so often forget, when life is not so difficult, to STILL bring my worries and my joys to God. He wants all of me, all the time. I need Him ALL THE TIME. Not just when the storm of life is a hurricane. But when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. ALL THE TIME. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 8 Months

Rebekah Elise,
You are 8 months old! What an exciting month we had... 

Our biggest adventure last month was taking a road trip to Virginia so that Daddy could be a groomsman in a wedding. We drove, and you got to see 5 new states. We stayed overnight in West Virginia and you got to see your cousins and meet your Great-great grandma.

(5 generations all together ~ very special!)

(All dresses up for the wedding!)

You are getting more mobile every day. Your army crawl is so cute and speedy. When you see something you want, it takes no time at all for you to get to it. You love zooming around in your walker and like to chase Mommy and Daddy around and around the island in the kitchen. A few times you have even pulled yourself up from sitting to standing (a big surprise for Mommy when you did it the first time!)

(can you spot the new teeth?!)

Eating is always an adventure! This month you got two little baby teeth on the bottom of your mouth and wow are they sharp! Mommy had to teach you not to bite while nursing - a lesson you thankfully learned fairly quick. You still eat only pureed food - and your favorite is still avocado. This month we tried a few new foods like squash, mango, and nectarines. You like most food that you are offered, and really enjoy eating at the table with Mommy and Daddy.

Now that the weather is warmer, we have been spending more time outside. We go on walks and visit the park up the street. You got to go on the swing for the first time this month and you LOVED it.

You are such a happy girl. You are always exploring, learning, and growing. Most nights you sleep for 10 hours straight, and most days you take 2 naps. You have been doing such a good job sleeping in your crib in your own room. You are constantly wiggling and giggling and just a joy to be with! 
Mommy and Daddy love you so much, our special girl! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adventures in Life: Busy, Busy, Busy!

Oh, my! How time flies! 
I do have so many things that I want to share on the blog, 
but some how my days just slip by without even touching my computer...

Yesterday this little sweetie pie turned 8 MONTHS OLD! 

(I'm still working on getting an 8 month picture and post done. Stay tuned for that...)

I've also got a few new recipes to share, a few new products that I'm loving, and a giveaway coming up! Oh, and I wanted to update you on our basement - perhaps a new tour video! Get Excited! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 7 months old

Dear Rebekah, 
This past Sunday you turned 7 months old (mommy is a little behind because we have had some special visitors staying with us!) 

We have had such a fun month with you!

You are such a good little helper around the house. You love to help me do the laundry and vacuum. 

And you love mommy's shoes and purses! 

This month you learned to sit up and army crawl - no real crawling yet but you like to rock back and forth on your knees and make mommy think you are going to crawl. 

You got to try lots of new foods this month: carrots, green beans, plums, pears, avocado, prunes, and apples. 

Your most favorite is avocado. Your least favorite is pears and prunes. You LOVE to eat! You get so excited when you know it's time to eat some food that your little arms and legs start to shake and wiggle...

Speaking of wiggling - you are such a mover and shaker! You are happiest when you can move around on the floor and explore - but you always keep a close eye on mommy. You are not a fan of me leaving the room! 
No teeth yet, but you love to chew on everything. 
You also went swimming in a real pool for the first time this month! 

The water was a little chilly, but I think you liked splashing around. 

For the last week and a half you have gotten to spend lots of time with your Grandma Seger - she came for a visit! 
We went on walks and went to the mall (you were not so impressed with the mall as documented in the above picture). We read books and played on the floor. It was a very fun time with grandma. 

I just can't say it enough - you are such a sweet girl. When you are sleeping in your own crib in your own room, I watch you on the monitor and just want to go in and scoop you up and cuddle you - you have become quite a little snuggle bug! Daddy loves to snuggle you on the couch when he gets home from work. 
And mommy loves to snuggle you in your rocking chair. 

We love you so much, sweet Rebekah, and thank God every day that He let us be your parents!