Saturday, November 28, 2015

Adventures in Reading: A very merry Christmas prayer

As Rebekah grows and understand more things, we really want to teach her to be thankful. Not just on Thanksgiving, but every day, because we are so very blessed! I saw this posted on facebook and it made me laugh and sad at the same time...

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what I would call "secular Christmas" and we can forget what Christmas is really all about. 

I have been on the look out for ways we can keep our family focus on the true reason for Christmas and keep our hearts full of thankfulness - and I got a really great book that does both of those things! 

A Very Mery Christmas Prayer is a unique book published by Tommy Nelson. The sharp of the book is unique - the open side is shaped like a Christmas tree! The cover is unique because it has sparkles on it! The story inside is unique because it combines traditional Christmas elements with a sweet Christmas prayer. And the illustrations are sure to put anyone into the Christmas spirit!

If you would like to win a free copy of A Very Merry Christmas Prayer, just leave a comment below telling me your favorite Christmas tradition! I will pick the winner on Monday! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adventures in Motherhood: Lesson Of The Day

Lessons of the day: Cheerios belong on a high shelf in the pantry. 

Lesson learned! 
....And I had vacuumed literally 2 hours befor this happened....
Oh, my sweet girl! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Adventures in Reading: I Prayed For You

There are so many books that tug on my momma heart strings as I read them. As a child I never quite understood why there would be tears in the eyes of the adult that I was reading with at the end of some books. Stories like "Love You Forever" seemed to have that affect. And now that I'm a mom I can hardly hold it together, as the last few words of some stories squeak from my mouth as I read to Rebekah. One of our new books from Tommy Nelson, had me blinking back tears on the very first page...  

You may remember from Rebekah's birth story, that we spent many months praying for a baby. And the prayers have not stopped now that she is here. "I Prayed For You" by Jean Fisher is a sweet story about a mother bear, her baby bear and her prayers for her little one. I love the mix of story and prayer that is contained in each page. Prayers of thanksgiving and for safety are ones that are often on my hear and lips, but this book also includes prayers for joy and the future and serve as a good reminder for my momma brain of different areas of Rebekah's life I can and should be praying for. 

Since it is national adoption month, I can't help think what a wonderful gift this book would make for a family who has adopted. But I know the message would be appreciated by all families!

And Guess What?!

Tommy Nelson is giving away one free copy of "I Prayed For You" to one of you!!! There are 3 different ways you can enter: 

(1) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me something or someone you pray for


(2) Click over to our Adventures of D and V Facebook page and like or comment on the post about I Prayed For You


(3) Visit my Instagram page and like or comment the picture I have posted about  I Prayed For You.

The winner will be selected and contacted on Wednesday, November 25th.  
I was provided this book for free from Tommy Nelson Publishing in exchange for sharing my opinions. My opinions on blog are all my own true thoughts. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Adventures in Reading: The Golden Braid

This is the first book by Melanie Dickerson that I have read and I LOVED it. 

"Rapunzel can throw a knife better than any man. She paints beautiful flowering vines on the walls of her plaster houses. She sings so sweetly she can coax even a beast to sleep. But there are two things she is afraid her mother might never allow her to do: learn to read and marry.

I think the reason why I liked this book so much was the characters. They are so wonderfully developed that I was able to connect with them and really felt like I could relate to them. My favorite was Rapunzel and Sir Gerek was a close second. Dickerson's writing of these two main characters really made me feel like I knew them and I was rooting for them from the beginning and trying to figure out the story through all of the twists and turns. 

Dickerson is just as good at writing villains. Gothel, Rapunzel's mother, and a couple of the other characters, we're so terrible I found myself getting upset with them. Dickerson's bad guys are bad and her descriptions of them were very vivid. 

I found it masterful how Dickerson weaved elements from the classic Rapunzel story in with her own ideas. There were just enough elements that were kept the same so that there was no doubt as to which fairy tale it was taken from. But the story was so different that it kept me guessing and reading till the last page.

One added aspect that I really enjoyed was how much dependence the main characters had on God. I found it to be very encouraging to see how these characters demonstrated faith in the midst of great trials. 

I did receive this book free in exchange for my review - however these are my own true opinions. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: Pure Joy

One of the best things about being a mom is getting to watch your little one discover the world around them. 
Rebekah loves to explore and gets such joy from discovering new (to her) things. 
Yesterday, we were doing some grocery shopping and she discovered the biggest stuffed bear she has ever seen (or that I have ever seen for that matter!)
Her reaction was so sweet.
Pure joy. 

I can't help but smile when I look at this picture.
Good thing she gets just as excited about crunchy leaves, empty cardboard boxes, and soccer balls as she does for $280 - 8 ft. tall stuffed bears! (While the bear was exciting, and so very soft to pet...who really has room in their house or their budget for something like this?!?) 
I hope you have a joy filled day! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adventures in Motherhood: Everything Does NOT Depend On Me

Guess what? I am not perfect. (I know, big surprise, right?!) Never have been, never will be. I wasn't perfect before I was a mom. And I'm not perfect now that I am a mom. But here is a secret - a deep dark secret that I don't usually tell anyone. I wish I was a perfect mom. For the 15 months that I have been a mom, I have tried every day (for at least a little bit of the day) to be a perfect mom. I want what is best for my sweet girl, so I read and I research and I try to do everything right for her.... But try as I might, everyday I fall short of being the perfect mom. Because I'm not perfect. No human is and I know that. But it was still frustrating to me that I couldn't be a perfect mom. 

I say "was" because God has been working in my 'type A' heart and mind on this topic of perfection. You may remember that I am a part of a book launch team and got to read an advanced copy. The book is available for purchase now. It's called Hoodwinked and it is for each and every mother out there. Really, it is. Go order it - you will be so glad you did. I promise there is at least one chapter in the book that you need to read. 

But back to what God has been teaching me. One of the chapters in Hoodwinked I read several times over because it was just what I needed to hear. It was the chapter titled "Myth: Everything Depends on Me". You see, I believed this myth. Some days I still do. I thought I had to do everything perfect for Rebekah. I thought that if I didn't do everything perfectly for her, that she wouldn't grow up right. I believed that how she turned out as a person all depended on me. And it was exhausting - trying to always do everything perfectly. And trying to do everything myself (because you know that if anyone else did it, they would just mess it up! I know, I'm a little crazy! God is working on me...) And then I read 2 different snips in the book, and my life as a want-to-be-perfect-mom changed forever. Are you ready - here are the 2 thoughts....

Everything does NOT depend on me! If I look to myself, I will be discouraged and dismayed. But if I look to God, I will receive the strength and encouragement I need to parent my kids to His glory. p. 124 Hoodwinked. 


Because if I were a perfect mom-knew all the answers, never steered them wrong, could meet their every emotional, spiritual, and physical need-it would bring about a terrible awful result. My children would have no need for God. p.126 Hoodwinked

When I read these words, it was like a weight was taken off of my shoulders. The only one who is perfect in my life is Jesus. And the only one who is perfect in Rebekah's life is Jesus. I have been looking to myself to provide everything for her, and becoming discouraged. I need to be looking to God as our provider - for everything. It was such an encouragement to read these truths and be set free from the myth that I needed to be Rebekah's perfect everything mom. God has it under control - He knows every detail of her life and mine too! And yours too!! 

Do you believe any mothering myths? (I said in a previous post that I didn't think that I did - but I did!)

You can order your copy of Hoodwinked on Amazon or on Proverbs 31 Ministry website right now!

(I was provided this book for free in exchange for my participation in the launch team activities, but all of the opinions about the book are my own true thoughts.) 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adventures in Reading: Hoodwinked

The other day I mentioned that I am apart of a launch team for a new book that comes out next week. It's called Hoodwinked: 10 Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off. 

I requested to join the launch team kind of on a whim. I didn't know much about either of the authors, and to be honest I didn't think I really believed any myths about being a mom. But it seemed like an interesting topic to read about, so I went for it. And I'm sure glad that I did. I really think that any mom - no matter what age your kids are - will benefit from reading this book. 

I was convicted about how I sometime think about and treat other moms.

I was challenged to reflect upon my own relationship with the Lord and how it relates to being a mom.

I learned that some of the feelings I have had since becoming a mom are directly related to believing in some of these mothering myths that our culture teaches women. 

I have unlocked some precious wisdom that I will hold close in the future as Rebekah grows up. 

The authors weave together personal stories from their mothering days with Biblical examples and wisdom about God's truth for mothers. I just can not say enough good things about this book! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:  

There are still a few days to pre-order a copy of Hoodwinked - and for everyone who pre-orders a copy there are a bunch of freebies that come with your book. For more info just click {HERE} to the Proverbs 31 Ministry site to order!