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Friday, January 27, 2017

Adventures of Rebekah: Recording Memories

At least once a day I think to myself, "I want to remember this moment forever." So I am going to try to do a better job of recording some of our every day happenings on the blog.

Rebekah is at such a fun age. She is 2 1/2 now. 

She is very articulate and always thinking and figuring things out. I can see the wheels turning in her head as she searches for the right word to express herself, problem solves, or makes connections. She gets such joy out of figuring something out or doing something herself. It is so neat to see the traits that God has given her start to shine.

Lately I have noticed how compassionate she is. If Caleb is crying, she is quick to try to make him feel better by singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him, or patting his head, or getting his pacifier for him. 

She loves to sing and play, and loves to play with me. It makes my mommy heart happy to be included in her imagination play time. She loves playing doctor and fixing the patients who come in to her doctor office. Almost every one of them needs a shot, and none of them cry because they are all brave like she was when she got her last shot. 

Today she was sitting at the piano with her little kids hymn book, playing and singing a song. Her little feet were swinging, still more than a foot from reaching the ground, but getting longer everyday. And I just wished I could listen to her sweet little voice and watch her little feet forever. But she finished her song and informed me that we have a new patient arriving in the ambulance, and now she was the nurse and I was the doctor. And so I picked up her toy stethoscope, and held her hand as we walked over to meet the (pretend, and invisible) ambulance.

Firsts for her are starting to be few and far between, but we had a fun first today. Today, she saw her first play. We had a mother-daughter date to a local youth theater's production of Beauty and the Beast. Here we are at the theater, waiting for the play to start...she didn't want mommy to take her picture, but I got one anyway. To record the memory. 


  1. Such precious times and memories. Record all you can. So easy to forget over time.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Awe, such sweet memories are being made by two precious children. Abundant blessings!