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Friday, November 18, 2016

Adventures of Caleb: 5 months old

Dear Sweet Caleb,

So much has changed this past month! You are really becoming a big boy so very quickly (an mommy is not quite ready for that yet!) The biggest change this month has been in your mobility. You are a rolling pro now. You can go from front to back and back to front from either side. You can inch worm army crawl, it's pretty cute. It takes quite a bit of effort and lots of grunts but you can pretty much get from where you are to wherever you would like to be. Mommy needs to make sure there are not things you can get in to on the floor now! You are wearing 6 month clothes but I have a feeling very soon we will be moving up to 9 months. At your doctor check-up your measurements were the 95% for height and your head measurement was off the chart you are already setting the curve for all the other 5 month old babies! haha! 

We have been spending quite a bit of time out at the farm. You enjoy the fresh air and all the things there are to see. Here is a picture of you, Daddy and Rebekah enjoying a camp fire. 

We spent part of your 5th month up in Minnesota visiting Gramma and Papa Ron. You discovered that you enjoy books...specifically trying to put books into your mouth! 

You are a good little road tripper as long as it's light outside. You are not a fan of being in the car when it is dark and you can not see. Sometimes Mommy has to turn on the back seat light for you to keep you happy. 

Look at you handsome guys! Your smile is just so cute! 

Oh, and we watched the Cubs win the World Series! You were a good little cheerer! 

You are pretty happy most of the time if you are on the floor and free to go where you would like to go. Your hair is still a little crazy, but it makes me smile! 

You love your sister and she is the best person to make you laugh. It is so fun to see the two of you interact with each other. She tries to be gentle with you and you are very patient with her and all of her hugs and kisses. You love to try to get her and when you finally get close to her, she moves and you have to start all over again. But you don't mind. Some day (soon!) you will be able to keep up with her. 


  1. Both Caleb and Rebekah are growing up so fast!!!!
    Thanks for posting all the fun photos = )

  2. Precious pictures! Hard to believe they are bot already this age. Time sure flies.


    Charlotte Moore