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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Adventures of Caleb: 4 Months

I am a little behind with this 4 months post, but here we go!

Dear Caleb, 

What a growing boy you are! You are 4 months old and every day is a new adventure in rolling, grabbing, and baby babbling for you. In the last month you have really started to enjoy being on your tummy and playing with toys. It is so fun to watch you reach for and grab toys. You love to look at them and then try to stuff them into your mouth. You are pretty persistent when it comes to trying to get things into your mouth. Your favorite toy is a stuffed ladybug that was also your sister's favorite...and sometimes she still likes to play with it too.

You are growing so fast that you are already wearing 6 month clothes and 6-12 month socks are to little for your cute chubby feet already. 

You do not have any teeth yet, but you are drooling enough to make me wonder if they will be coming soon. You are almost always sporting a bib because of your drool. I have had to buy a bunch of them for you. Your sister had tons of bibs but never needed them. 

You love your sister and she loves you! If you are crying in the car, usually her singing a song will quiet your cries. Your current favorite is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. And she loves being the big sister to sing it to you. You just light up when you see her and love to watch her play. 

You still do not have much of a sleeping schedule. You will be awake for about 2 hours at a time during the day and then want to go to sleep. Sometimes you sleep for 30 minutes and sometimes you sleep for 3 hours. You normally take 2 short naps and one long nap and then sleep from 9pm to 9am with 2 or 3 feedings along the way. You LOVE to eat and you love to watch other people eat. I just know in a few months you well really enjoy eating big boy food at the table with your sister!

You are such a happy, sweet boy! Mommy loves you! 

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  1. How precious they both are. Such cuties. He is a hunk!! HA!!

    Charlotte Moore