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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures of Rebekah: The Toddler Phase

Everything is just a phase. I've been telling myself this a lot lately. We have officially entered the toddler stage and if I'm being completely honest, I'm exhausted! Mentally, physically, emotionally, it takes every ounce of my energy too keep up with this little girl. (Not to mention that I'm 9 months pregnant!) And while we have our moments, helping a toddler explore the world and learn new things is just the biggest thrill! There are so many things I want to remember - I need to do a better job of recording them! 

For example, the other night she just melted my heart when we were getting ready for bed. I always rock her for a few minutes, singing and praying with her before I put her into bed. I usually sing "Jesus Loves Me" and that night when I got the the chorus, her sweet little voice joined mine "yes, Jesus loves me"... Well I could tell she was saying "yes Jesus" and sometimes I could here "love". It was just the sweetest thing to hear her sing with me as she was snuggled up in the chair I've been rocking her in her whole life. What a special moment with my girl that I don't every want to forget! 


  1. Parenting is the most difficult thing I've ever done but the rewards are just ubeatable!

  2. I think a little voice singing Jesus Loves me has to be the sweetest sound in the world

  3. You need to record the moments you really want to remember. IT is hard to remember them after a few years. Or less. HA!! Our great granddaughter loves Jesus Loves Me. She has been sung that ever since an infant. Now she sings it. Precious!!

    Charlotte Moore

  4. Gramma could come and take care of little sweet pea so you could rest ; )

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