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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: It's just a phase

It's just a phase..." 

New moms are magnets for "advice-givers". Solicited and unsolicited. Good and bad. Helpful, and well, less than helpful. I am constantly getting advice and words of wisdom from friend, family and well meaning strangers. Most of the time, I love it! I have some very wise mothers in my life who have years of experience raising children. 

One piece of advice that I hear over and over again is "It's just a phase."

We have been through a lot of phases already in the past 10 months....

Right now we are in the "put everything in your mouth" stage. 

No matter how often I vacuum the floor, her little eyes see every tiny speck of something deposited onto the ground. I can tell when she spots something that she wants to put in her mouth. She starts to crawl very fast in a new direction than she was previously moving. When she arrives at the tiny speck of something, she drops to her belly. Her little chubby fingers stretch out to scoop up her new 'snack' and then close in a tight fist around her prize. That fist will only open once it is inside her mouth. Once said object is in her mouth, if I haven't already swooped in to remove it, she will turn and look at me, smacking her lips as she moves the piece of whatever she has found around in her mouth. And while she can only say a few words verbally, her eyes are very clearly saying "Look at what I found, Mom! I put it in my mouth!" 

Sometimes I swear she picks up nothing and pretends to put it in her mouth and smacks her lips just to get my attention. And after holding her squirmy little body and checking her mouth for the 50th time that day, I just have to remind myself that this is only a phase....



  1. What a cutie she is! Love her in that purple!

  2. EVERYTHING is a phase ... even getting old :)
    She's so dang cute... her big eyes are just the sweetest.

  3. She is precious! It is amazing how they can find exactly what you don't want them to and won't be distracted! Enjoy every second!

  4. I just nodded my head as I read this. We're expecting #2 and the advice is coming back all over again...apparently advice giving comes in phases too lol.

  5. Isn't it true - one phase turns into another turns into another. Some are more fun to go through than others....but everything is temporary. Thanks for sharing this one with us!